3 Brands, 3 Running Shorts, Which Is The Best One?

free people running shorts

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With each season we see the emergence of new trends. One of the interesting things we’ve seen lately is the emergence of popular items. This is in large part due to social media and the ability to spread information, styles, and trends quickly. One of those “popular” products has been the Lululemon belt bag. I must say, the bag is legit. I got my first one 2+ years ago before it became popular and love it still!

The other “popular” item I’ve seen influencers push and friends rave about has been the $30 Free People running shorts. At first I thought they looked funky with their super wide waistband. Over time and as I saw friends wearing them though, I realized how flattering they actually are.

The price point – $30 – really isn’t too bad for running shorts, but for some reason I never made the buy. Well, lately I started to see really good dupes of the FP running shorts. Amazon came out with a good dupe and so did Target. So, I thought it would be fun to do a comparison between the 3.

Their price points are all quite similar, so what I really wanted to know was which brand was the most well-made, the most flattering, and the most familiar to the Free People pair.

3 brands, 3 running shorts, which one is the best?

Free People Shorts ($30): The main components of the Free People running shorts are the cinched waist band.


Amazon Dupes ($24): identical fabric, inner lining, length, the way the fabric lays on, no pockets, same waist band, same side slit/cut on the leg

Target Dupes ($24): inner lining, similar in length, similar cinched waistband



Amazon Dupes ($24): some different color options, the waistband fits slightly looser than the Free People waistband (*note: if you are thicker through the waist or hips like me, this pair may actually fit you better than the Free People shorts)

Target Dupes ($24): the waistband is 1/2″ shorter, matte color fabric, slightly different slit/cut on the leg, different colors, and it has pockets

free people running shorts

tank | free people shorts

free people running shorts

tank | amazon dupes

free people running shorts

tank | target dupes


And the winner is…

The Amazon pair! The Amazon dupes are almost identical to the Free People shorts. The only difference between the two is that the waistband on the Free People shorts is slightly tighter than the Amazon dupes. So, when deciding which one to choose, I would opt for the one that would best fit your body type. For me, having a short waist and wider hips for my height, the Amazon dupes actually fit best. If you’re thinner through the waist or have a longer torso, I’d opt for the Free People shorts.