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If you’ve been following me on instagram than you know that I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin…it’s no easy task after years of sun bathing, tanning beds, and never wearing sunscreen. Eek! However, good skin care products and facial treatments can help reduce some of the damage and keep me on a better regimen going forward. So, last week I had the privilege of having a facial at Revive Skin Therapy and not only was it a very relaxing, informative experience, but I walked away with my skin feeling revived and oh-so smooth. I’m going to try and paint a picture of the wonderful experience I had, but I hope that you will give it a go yourself, too! It’s worth it!

Revive Skin Therapy is located in Lewisville and definitely worth the drive for all you Dallasites! As you enter the salon you are welcomed by dim lights and calm music into the waiting room, at which point you are greeted with a smile by the beautiful Maricela who guides you into a private room. Once inside the room, you begin to fill out a form and speak with Maricela about your skin type and your concerns. This part is critical because it helps establish a baseline for what you’re looking for and it helps Maricela determine the best type of facial and products for your skin. For me, my big concerns are and have always been oily, dehydrated skin and the continual struggle of acne. Ugh. Upon hearing my concerns and looking at my skin, Maricela informed me that yes, I do have dehydrated skin, some minor acne, and  sun damage. She informed me that what I needed the most to help my skin was to be getting frequent microderm abraisons. However, she knew I was pregnant and told me that until I was done being pregnant and finished nursing, I should just stick with a typical facial. And that y’all, is exactly when I knew I was going to love my experience. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate honest feedback, but to feel like someone has your best interest at heart and isn’t just try to push products on you, man, that’s what I want.

Onto the actual facial – it was so relaxing. From the soothing music to the chocolate scent of the products (I am a chocolate fiend) to the steam and masks, the whole experience was so relaxing. Maricela would interject tiny bits of information throughout the process, which I appreciate because I do like to know why someone is doing certain things to my face, but she didn’t talk too much to the point that it was no longer relaxing. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that facial or massage experience where the person talks the entire time. The facial lasted an hour and by the time it was over, my skin miraculously felt dramatically different: smoother, softer, hydrated. I was ready to sign up for the next one.

I hope you’ve learned a bit from my experience and encourage you to give it a go yourself! You wont regret it! In addition to facials, Revive Skin Therapy offers other services like eye lash extensions, waxing, and teeth whitening. I wasn’t able to try the teeth whitening at the time due to being pregnant, but my friend has seen tremendous results with it and it’s already on my to-do list once baby #2 arrives.

Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn Photography

photography: sukilynn

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