PINCHme – free product samples for YOU!

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This day and age (does that make me sound old?) it feels like a new product is being released every 5 minutes. Something bigger, something better, something you can’t possibly live without! It’s hard to keep up!

A couple of months ago we were introduced to PINCHme. PINCHme is such a neat company with an even neater concept! They send you samples of products each month for you to try (FOR FREE) and then await your feedback. Cool, huh?

We’ve sampled a couple of boxes so far and now Emma Grace looks forward to it more than me because there is always something in there for her to enjoy, too! I’m sure you can guess from the picture above which two products EG loved trying this month. If you guessed the popcorn & pink nail polish, you’re right!

So how exactly does it work, and is it really free? Yes, it is absolutely free, and here is how it works:

1- take a quick survery to help PINCHme learn a little about you so that they can send you samples that you’ll enjoy

2- on “sample day,” you can choose products you want to see in your box

3- in exchange for your (free) samples, you give PINCHme a little feedback on what you thought about the products

So. Easy.

If you wanna sign up and start receiving products to try (who doesn’t love getting mail?), you can sign up here. And be sure to mark the next “sample day” – 12/15/15, on your calendar so that you can pick your samples!

xx – anna