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Happy Thursday, loves! Today’s post is one especially for the ladies! I don’t typically talk about intimates on my blog, but felt like this – what seems like a secret – should be something that you guys can experience, too!!

Let’s start here. How many of you have purchased a bra that fit well when you bought it, but lost it’s shape over time or never fit quite right from the beginning? I’m sure it’s all of you! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to us because not everyone is a perfect C cup or exactly 32 inches around. We have all sorts of variants, so why do we think we’ll all fit perfectly into a bra that’s made for everyone?

I’ll admit, this didn’t really seem like a “me” problem in my early to mid twenties. It wasn’t really until after I had babies that I started to realized by boobs were different and didn’t quite fit the same in my bras. I ended up spending money on very expensive bras thinking the more they cost the better they would fit. I was only moderately satisfied. I felt like every bra I put on either pushed my back fat out, was too tight around my chest, or I didn’t fully fill the cup.

I remember talking to my friend, Molly, about this after I had Abigail and she asked me if I had ever heard of Peach. She then explained to me that 80% of women are wearing a bra that does not fit them (sounded accurate to me). She told me Peach has a patented 10-point measurement system that helps women find a perfectly fitting bra. Each bra is measured to order ensuring you have the best fit for your body.  The Peach experience works by setting up a one-on-one appointment to get you fitted. An appointment can either happen in the comfort of your home, at the house of a Peach employee, or a virtual appointment over Facetime or via an app called Zoom. It kind of sounds too goo to be true, right?

I was slightly skeptical, but I loved the idea of being able to shop from my home and I was willing to try anything to find a bra that actually fit me perfectly. So, I set up a virtual appointment with Molly as we live in separate cities. We found an evening that worked for both of us and got on Facetime after our kiddos had fallen asleep. Molly showed me all the different bra options and discussed the benefits of each one. Then, she took my measurements. She showed me how to do it with a measuring tape and then I would set the phone down and measure myself (with the measuring tape sent to me by Peach). She gathered all my measurements and then here comes the good part. They sent me and will send you not only the bra that fits your measurement perfectly, but one size slightly smaller and one size slightly larger. They also send you several other similar bras for you to try in case you like another better.

Once you receive your bras, you try them all on and then contact your rep. You tell her the one or ones you want to keep and then send the rest back. You only pay for the one(s) you keep.

Well, what happens if none of them fit? This happened to me and although my rep and friend told me that they would send as many bras as it would take to find the right one, I still felt bad. But, I called her anyway and told her that none of them fit me the way I wanted. She said no problem, remeasured with me, and then sent me several more options to try and I am so glad she did! The bra I ended up going with was the one pictured – neutral and simple, but gave me the lift and support I wanted and needed.

The funny thing about this is I knew it fit me perfectly, but it wasn’t until I saw my hubby’s reaction that I realized “wow, this really works.” I might as well have been wearing a lacy black bra, because that’s how my husband thought it looked. Why did he have this reaction? Probably because I was actually wearing a bra that held and fit my boobs the way it should! Crazy that something like finding a bra that fits right can make such a big difference, right?

So, I urge you to try this out for yourself! You can set up an individual or a grab a couple friends and set up a group appointment at no charge to you! You can check out all the wonderful bras and loungewear here, and you can set up your first appointment via the website or by emailing Molly at mollymac.peach@gmail.com. Feel free to email me with any questions, too!!

xx – anna

This post was created in collaboration with Peach. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting those brands that support this blog!