Patriotic Strawberries


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Happy Tiny Tuesday! Cooking is quickly becoming one of Emma’s favorite activities to participate in. At first, I was afraid it would be too hard for her and would just result in a huge mess. However, it’s become a fun bonding activity and has taught her new words, given her new experiences, and even convinced her to eat some new foods. With Memorial Day weekend ahead, I’ve decided to introduce Emma Grace to one of my family’s favorite patriotic treats: red, white & blue chocolate covered strawberries. They are so simple, but look so darn cute and are always a huge hit!

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cooking tip: moms & dads – you may want to do the chocolate part since it will be hot and then just have your little one dip them in sprinkles 🙂



white chocolate

blue sprinkles


It’s so simple! All you do it heat your chocolate according to the instructions, dip your strawberries in the chocolate, and then dip them in the sprinkles! I like to place mine on a large place or foil-lined cooking sheet and stick it in the refrigerator until they’re ready to serve to harden the chocolate and keep them cool! Enjoy!

xo – anna & emma grace