Our Favorite Swaddle Blanket: The Ollie Swaddle

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the olllie swaddle

Picture this: it’s 9:00 PM. You are the parent of a newborn. Your baby has been fed, changed, and rocked. You’re able to get your baby to fall asleep when you hold her or rock her, but the second you lay her down she starts crying again. Ugh. Does this sound familiar? This little scenario is the dreaded witching hour and I’m sure most parents can relate – I know we can!

How in the world do we get our baby to sleep? We’re all looking for tricks and tips to help our little one fall asleep and while every baby is different, all babies do have one thing in common: they need¬†sleep!

Sleep is¬†not only critical for your baby’s brain development, but when you baby sleeps that means you get to sleep too, making it doubly important!

So again, how do we get our baby to fall asleep? The swaddle. Swaddling not only comforts and warms your baby, but it has been proven to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Now, if you’re like me, no matter how many times you watch your husband swaddle (Travis is a swaddle master) or watch youtube videos on how to swaddle, you can’t quite get it tight enough. Abby can wriggle out of my swaddle in about 2 minutes flat.

Well, let me introduce you to the Ollie Swaddle. Y’all, we started using this fool-proof swaddle blanket a couple of weeks ago and we will¬†never¬†go back to using a traditional blanket. Not only is it easy to use, but it works like a charm! This is definitely the one gift I will be giving new moms from here on out!

ollie swaddle, dallas blogger, fleurdille

If you’ve never heard of the Ollie Swaddle, let me share a couple of reasons why we love it so much:

1.the material: the Ollie Swaddle is made from custom designed moisture-wicking stretch material to help reduce the risk of overheating

2.the closure: the stretchy material and custom velcro closure allows you to fit the swaddle to your baby; Abby hates having her arms swaddled at night, so we like that we can make it tight enough even with her arms out

3.reduces fussiness: swaddling your baby not only reduces fussiness, but it increases the length and quality of your baby’s sleep; ever since we started using this swaddle Abby has been sleeping longer and longer

4.the bottom opening: this may be the coolest part – the bottom of the swaddle has an elastic tie closure that allows you to open and close the swaddle easily for a quick, easy midnight diaper change because who wants to wake a sleeping baby?

5.They’re cute!: we love the simple design of the pink & white stripes (it comes in blue, too), and they’re releasing¬†new colors with their Nature Collection, too!

ollie swaddle, dallas blogger, fleurdille

Last, but not least, we’ve teamed up today with The Ollie World on instagram to give away one swaddle (color of your choosing) to one lucky winner! So, be sure to head over to my instagram and enter to win!!!

ollie swaddle, dallas blogger, fleurdilleollie swaddle, dallas blogger, fleurdilleollie swaddle, dallas blogger, fleurdille

Thanks for reading!!

xx – anna & abby