Y’all, who knew hosting a monthly giveaway could be so fun? I have had such a blast sharing with y’all my love for the Revlon Hair Brush over the month of September. It really is one of the best hair tools out there and saves you so much time!

This month, I’m sharing something people have been raving about for almost all of 2019 – an Air Fryer! I put off buying one for so long, but finally gave in this month and am excited to get to know it. The reviews on this specific one are super good, too! These things boast of cooking your food faster and healthier and I am all over those two things!

October giveaway entries:

For the October giveaway, there will be two ways to enter, and it’s a bit different than September. To win, you must “like” all of my photos on Instagram during the month of October. For a bonus entry, you can subscribe to my blog. If you are subscribed already, your bonus will be commenting on all of my October photos.

September giveaway winner:

Jennifer Fackrell

The September giveaway winner is listed above and has already been contacted. Should she not claim her prize, I will pick another winner later this week.