my skincare routine that has changed my skin for the best

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Happy Hump Day, friends! I’m so excited for today’s post and a bit nervous if I’m being honest. I’m nervous because I’m not a beauty product expert in the slightest. Rather, I’ve just begun the process of learning more about skin care products and trying new regimens out to see how my skin reacts. I’m excited though because my current skincare routine has worked and is working wonders on my skin.

My skincare routine is one that has developed gradually and organically over the past 6 months or so. This post is not sponsored by any of the brands, they are just products I’ve collected over time. These products were chosen intentionally and over time they have changed my face. I think the one thing I’m learning is that no one product will change your skin overnight. It takes time for your face to get used to new products and to really start seeing the benefits.

For those curious, my skin is typically oily and dehydrated – odd combination, I know. I am also prone to mild adult acne. It’s the worst. Since Abigail was born 3 years ago, I’ve also struggled with melasma. It’s not something that goes away, but it can be minimized with creams and dermatological treatments.

I will say too, that for those that are new, it is important to note that I do get botox. A lot of products boast of decreasing your wrinkles and while they may help, they cannot correct deeply set wrinkles. I started botox about a year ago and if you want to know more, you can read this post I did with my dermatologist.


  • CLEANSER – pH balancing cleanserI’ve been on a quest this past year to find the perfect cleanser. I want a cleanser that gets not just my face makeup off, but all of my eye makeup. So many cleaners do a subpar job of getting eye makeup off. I’d just rather avoid mascara stains on my white towels if possible. I’ve felt a bit down on my luck lately, but then I started using this by BeautyBio and it’s incredible! Designed to keep your skin hydrated and restore your pH balance, this cleanser is incredible. Best part? It gets all of your makeup off!
  • TONER – I am obsessed with this Rose Water Toner Spray by Teddie Organics. It is chemical-free and 100% pure and organic rose flower water. It’s a lightweight toner that helps to restore your skin’s pH balance and absorb excess oils. It smells so good, too! Furthermore, you can also use this post workout for a quick refresh. I’ve started doing it and it’s a game changer.
  • VITAMIN C –I added vitamin C into my daily regimen 3 years ago when I first started battling melasma. Vitamin C has great firming properties and has great brightening effects. I have two vitamin C serums that I like. My favorite is the  Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Oil. It helps even out your skin tone and it smells like roses! Because my skin is pretty oily, I use this TruSkin Vitamin C Serum in the summer because it leaves my skin feeling a bit dryer. I will say, if you’re going to use the later one, you definitely need a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. Both work equally as well! They don’t cure my melasma by any means, but I notice a marked difference in my skin tone and brightness when I’m using it. I will never forego this in my routine.
  • SERUM – I use two serums daily and as I understand it, that’s totally normal! The first one I use is the Clarins Double Serum. This serum is great because it firms your skins, adds vibrancy, and evens your skin tone. I mix this one with a dab of the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Mixing it with the Whipped Cream helps to add more moisture to my skin. I miss them together and smooth it out on my face with my rose quartz roller. //After it dries, I apply a second serum. This serum is one prescribed to me by my dermatologist for my melasma. It can however, be purchased over the counter. It’s intended to brighten your skin and keep dark spots at bay. I’ve been using it since June and have seen the biggest difference in my melasma since I started battling it. Again, I smooth this serum out with my rose quartz roller.
  • MOISTURIZER – my dermatologist got me using Elta MD tinted moisturizer over a year ago. It has 41 SPF and has protected my face better than any moisturizer I previously used. It is also super thin and lightweight so it doesn’t feel cakey over make-up. Lately, I’ve been carrying it in my purse to reapply with in the afternoon. We should all be protecting our face from the sun, but with melasma it’s become a huge priority for me. I love that I can use this as opposed to sunscreen because it doesn’t have that sunscreen smell.
  • PRIMER – About a month ago i received this SPF 30 primer from Urban Decay in a PR package. It seemed cool, but to be honest, I had never used primer before and didn’t really know why one would. It wasn’t until I had my makeup redone at MAC that I got a good explanation of the benefit of primer. A primer, is the last layer you put on before you put on your makeup. In essence, it preps your skin for your makeup. This particular one is 30 SPF, which is huge. I started using it and I genuinely love it. It is super thin and unscented. It does on smooth and I can definitely tell that my foundation lays better after I’ve used primer.

beauty bio rose quartz roller

While we’re on the topic of skincare, I wanted to share a new tool with you guys. As mentioned above in regards to serum, I’ve been using a new tool to apply and spread my serum. The Rose Quartz Roller by BeautyBio has been such a great addition to my regimen. For those that are unfamiliar with it, it’s a roller that helps to improve your skin texture and tone, decrease inflammation and puffiness, and release stress via it’s cooling sensation. It really feels so god on your face!!

Also, there will be more on this in a later blog post, but I did want to give you a deoderant update. Those that follow me on instagram are aware that I’ve been trying a new natural deodorant for the past two weeks – Kopari Coconut Deodorant. After 2 weeks, I’m still loving it! I had one day where I worked out and had to reapply in the evening before an event, but it was more precautionary if anything.