My “mama” resolutions

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At the beginning of each new year, everybody (or most people) sit down and make a list of all the things they would like to accomplish and change in the new year. I like to look at it as a way to intentionally set realistic goals for yourself. Being type-A, I break my resolutions down into categories – my walk with Christ, personal, marriage, blog, work, etc. One of the most important resolution categories for me however, is my “mama” category. God has given my husband and I the most precious gift in the entire world and has actually trusted us to bring her up. Scary. It seemed pretty easy when all Emma did was eat, sleep, and lay there and smile at us. Now though…she’s talking nonstop, labeling all that’s around her, repeating everything we say, observing our moods and tone of voice, and yes, even being defiant (uh, no one told me how hard the disciplining piece would be…). Anyway, I want to be super intentional about how we raise Emma, so I’ve created a list of a couple of goals for me as a mama this year.

Current mommies – I would love any and all advice you have!

“mama” resolutions 

1. pick a Bible verse each month and intentionally pray it over Emma

2. praise Emma Grace for her gifts & encourage her to use them for God’s glory

3. follow Emma’s lead and really develop/enroll her in activities based on things she enjoys, not solely thing I want her to enjoy

4. read even more to her (check out library classes)

5. no phone when I am with Emma

6. begin setting boundaries/disciplining Emma Grace in a healthy, loving way (pray for me daily for this one, folks!)

7. potty train

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xo – anna