How to Move Toddlers into the Same Room

Happy Tiny Tuesday! Today’s post was prompted by YOU, my reader. These are my favorite posts – the ones that start with you guys and what you want to hear. Please know I welcome any and every comment. I read them all and take all of your comments and advice into consideration.

A couple of you saw one of my instastories from last week and inquired how it was going since moving Abby into Emma Grace’s room. We by no means have come up with some magic formula (sorry, moms), but do have some tips that seem to be working pretty well. I will say, too, that your child’s demeanor probably plays a big role in this, too.

Moving the girls into the same room as been something we’ve always known we wanted to do when they were little. Because they are only 2 years apart we wanted them to share the space where they sleep and play and hopefully strengthen their bond as sisters. We know they will reach an age or size where it’s just not practical to share a room, but for now, it’s fun! I did a lot of research in the beginning as to when I could transition Abby to a big girl bed and most of what I found said no earlier than 18 months. So, around 18th months we decided to make the move.

We originally thought we would move Abby straight to the trundle bed in Emma Grace’s room, but that was a mega fail. While Emma Grace is a rule follower and will stay in bed until we tell her she can get out, Abby is the opposite. Abby is a spunky little one and just being on the trundle made her so excited that she never fell asleep during any our trials. So we came up with plan B.

Plan B goes like this – we moved Abby’s crib into Emma Grace’s room. We’re going to give her a couple of months in the crib and then take off one side so that it’s like a day bed. Once she can master that and stay in her little bed we’ll take the crib out altogether and move Abby to the trundle bed. We’ll keep you updated. 😉

When we first put them together we put them down at separate times – Abigail first and then we would bring Emma Grace in a bit later after she fell asleep. That ended up being a lot of work and kind of stupid it seemed since they have the same night routine and the same bedtime. So, after a couple of days we just started doing their nighttime routine at the same time and it goes well!

Do they talk at night? Of course. Emma Grace is a major rule follower so she never gets out of bed and she actually rarely talks back to Abby, but Abby will talk to or at Emma Grace for an hour or more each night. As long as they’re happy we let them talk. That’s part of the fun, right?

What do we do for nap time? We still nap them in separate rooms. Emma Grace rarely naps, so she usually lays in my bed for 1.5-2 hours for quiet time and Abby takes a nap in her crib in their room.

Do they wake up earlier at night? More often than not. The first couple of mornings they woke up really early like 5 or 5:30. However, they’re normalized a bit and are back to their normal 6 or 6:30 am wake-up time. Some mornings Emma Grace will crawl into Abby’s crib and they play with their dolls, but it makes them so happy and therefore, it makes us happy. 🙂