Mother’s Day


“Behind every mom is a bunch of other moms.”

Happy early Mother’s Day to all you mommies and mommies-to-be out there! Motherhood is such a beautiful thing – even indescribable until you’ve experienced the love and joy it can provide. Motherhood is also a constant learning experience. I can easily say that I learn something new every single day. As I was thinking about the one thing I’ve learned the past 21 months, the thing I kept coming back to was that I couldn’t do this whole “motherhood” thing without a bunch of other moms. It’s true. God created us to desire fellowship and I don’t think motherhood was left out of that equation.  Mom friends get it. They’re there to cheer you on, to encourage you, to support you, to come over for a playdate simply to help you do laundry, to change your little one’s diaper, to trade humorous stories, to listen to you go on and on about all the wonderful things your little one can do, and so much more.

Emma Grace and I recently got to be a part of a “mommy and me” photo shoot with some of my good friends and some new friends! The thing I loved the most about the shoot was that it wasn’t perfect, but it perfectly depicted life as a mother of a toddler. We had kids refusing to take pictures (read: my own daughter), kids coloring, kids setting off car alarms, kids running in the grass, and kids just being kids. And the best part? Not a single mother got upset with their child or the other kids. We were all there just having fun, chatting, and enjoying this crazy stage of life. It makes me smile thinking about this special gift God has given me: mommy friends.


liz & olive of accessory jane


kat & caleb of baby bow tie


andi & charlee kate of our beau monde


all adult clothing c/o bees knees loft

baby bow ties and hair bows c/o baby bow tie

jewelry c/o accessory jane

photography: taylor alexandra photo

xo – anna