midweek mentions 5.18.22


midweek mentions

  • If you’re a parent, I highly recommend reading “The Power Of Showing Up.” It’s a quick read and gives some great practical advice about diving into why you parent the way you do and then gives tips on creating a safe, calm environment for your kids to be fully themselves and feel loved and supported by you. At one point in the book, the authors share an acronym that I thought was so helpful – PEACE.
    • Presence – be physically and emotionally present with your children
    • Engagement – give them your undivided attention and engage with them
    • Affection – communicate how much you love them with your words and actions
    • Calm – stay calm so that you communicate to your children that you are not a threat
    • Empathy – empathize with them by showing them you understand what they are feeling
  • Last weekend I decided to sign off social media and my phone from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon/evening. The idea was the result of several conversations I had last week with other moms; conversations that revolved around how often our kids see us parents on our phones. I want my kids to see my off my phone as much as or more than I have to be on it for work. I want them to remember me playing with them instead of staring at a screen. What I found after a weekend off of my phone was how little I needed or even desired to look at my phone. It freed me up to be fully present with my kids and I fully enjoyed my weekend with them. Honestly, I’m going to start trying to do it every weekend. Have you ever taken a social media break?
  • If you’re a breakfast burrito person, you have GOT to try Trader Joe’s Egg Wraps. They’re gluten free, dairy free, and low cal. They’re a great substitute for tortillas and would be so delicious with some chorizo, eggs, cheese, and onions! I used the egg wraps this past weekend to make a veggie wrap. The egg wraps are a bit thin, so I think they’d honestly work better with warmer, softer fillings like what you’d put in a breakfast burrito. 🙂