Midweek Mentions 4.20.22


midweek mentions:

  • Were you one of those teens that grew up in the tanning bed? I sure was! Gosh, I can recall countless memories of going to the tanning bed after swim practice or tanning before events. So, while I’m spending my adult years trying to reverse damage I did as a teen, I’m trying to be proactive with my girls. One of the things we’ve started doing is having the girls apply this 30 SPF moisturizer to their faces every day before school. I thought they’d hate it, but I actually think they feel cool, like they’re putting on makeup like mommy. I’ll take it!
  • The last few weeks have been a real challenge for me mentally, so each week I’ve been making steps toward better physical and mental health. Last week I started focusing on a better morning routine and stopped drinking on week nights. This week I’m focusing on earlier bedtimes and meditation. Meditation-wise, I love using the calm app for their 10-minute daily meditation. I’ve also started reading “Mindfulness In Plain English” to dive a bit deeper. If you’ve never meditated before or you’re interested in starting, check out my post on Meditators for Beginners.
  • This week I revisited my word for 2022 – “Delight.” It was perfect timing for me to reread my post about where I wanted my focus to be for this year. Perfect timing because these last few months of the school year are insane from a commitment standpoint. So, it was a nice reminder to myself to not just check activities and events off the calendar, but to truly delight in them. I want to delight in the process, delight in the crazy, and truly feel delight amidst my to-do list.
  • This week we’ve started something new with our girls in an effort to squeeze in some more alone time. During the 30 minutes leading up to the girls’ bedtime, we split up and spend 15 minutes with one girl and then swap and spend 15 minutes alone with the other. We told the girls it’s their time with us and we can do anything they want in that time (within reason of course). So last night, Abby wanted to listen to “calming music” and try and meditate and Emma Grace wanted to cuddle until she fell asleep. I’m sure each night will be different!. My hope is that creating this time with them will give them a safe space to open up to us about whatever is going on in their lives.