Mid Century Office Inspiration

Office inspiration, here we come!

Our home office is the last space we have to design. In truth, it’s become the catch-all room since we moved in a couple of months ago. It’s currently full of our old office furniture, a couple boxes, and some gymnastics mats. Lordy, Lordy. I haven’t feel any true design inspiration for our office since we moved in, so I’ve just sort of let it be.

Earlier this week, though, inspiration hit!

Our office will be a shared office between Travis and myself. It will serve multiple purposes too – office space and musical area. Trav will utilize the office some days to work from home, I’ll utilize it for the blog and try-ons, and Travis will also keep all his musical stuff in there like his guitars.

When thinking about how to design a shared space, I wanted to keep it functional, but also be fun. I also wanted to keep it relatively affordable as it’s a space I can see myself changing more often than other rooms. I wanted it to be fun (maybe adding some color), and moody!

So, the vibe I landed on was what I’d like to call “mid-century modern swanky.” Think a dark green accent all, wood tones, gold hues, neutral accents.

I’ve linked everything I’m ordering so far and will share the process with you guys as pieces come in and the office starts to come together!

PS – a lot of these items are currently on sale! Happy Shopping!

mid century office

Mid Century Office Mood Board:


I think I might be the most excited about the accent wall! Almost our entire house is neutral with white walls, so I thought it would be fun to add a pop of color. I decided to go for something a bit darker and a bit more masculine. I landed on the color “Backwoods” from Benjamin Moore. Now, we just need to find time for me to paint the wall.


We wanted a pretty simple desk and it had to be clean looking from both sides because the back will be visible from the door. I also wanted to make sure the desk had some drawers and this desk fit both of our requirements!


Our current desk chair is not comfortable at all, so a comfy chair was essential. This chair’s great reviews and looks nice, too! I love the gold accents. 🙂 It also comes in tons of colors if you’re not a fan of the ivory.


To soften the green wall a bit, I thought some sheer curtains would be perfect. These linen curtains are from amazon and have great reviews.


I thought about doing a fun pattern or color, but I decided to stick to neutral. I figured a neutral rug would hopefully stay for the long haul and work with whatever decor I may opt for in the future.


How beautiful is this clothing rack? The gold accents and the marble base and just gorgeous. It’s also very affordable! For me, a clothing rack is essential for our office as it typically houses clothes for upcoming posts and collaborations. Because I needed our clothing rack in full view, I wanted to make sure it was aesthetically pleasing.


Knowing this space will be a working office for Travis some days, I wanted it to have some many aspects to it as well. Apart from adding color and some darker wood tones, I thought a bar cart would be fun. I anticipate having some whiskey displayed and some fun coups and glasses. And bonus! This bar cart is less than $100!


As mentioned before, one of the uses for our office will be to host Travis’s guitars, speakers, etc. A lot of it will go in the closet, but we decided to display two of his guitars like we did at our old house. We have mounts similar to the ones linked here. They’re simple, clean, and work well.