Lipstick Favorites


I love the lip color trends for this Spring because there is so much variety, which means there’s something for everyone – bold red, fuschia, bubblegum pink, peachy orange, neutrals, corals, shades of rose, you name it. I used to only wear nude and berry lip colors, but have had fun the past year branching out and trying some reds and bright pinks. I think the key lipstick is finding a color that works with your skin tone. Listed below are recommended lip colors for different skin tones.

olive skin tones: nude, pink, orange & red shades

fair skin tones: bold reds & deep colors, avoid too light or yellow undertones as it will wash you out

darker skin tones: deep plums, berry, red; avoid too light or pale

In addition to finding the right lip color for you is getting it to stay on. I struggled so much with this in the past, but have finally found a trip to keep your lipstick on through multiple starbucks drinks, a little snack and even your lunch! So what’s the secret? Lip liner. Now, don’t run away screaming…bear with me. The trick is not just to line your lips, but to cover your entire lips with lip liner, then apply your lipstick, then your gloss, and you are good to go! Some of my favorite lip liners, lipsticks and lip gloss that are gorgeous in color and long-lasting are listed below for you below – you just pick the color!

lip liner: mac lip pencil, piermarini lip liner

lipstick: piermarini lipstick, mac lipstick, tory burch lipstick, ysl lipstick

lip gloss: nars lip gloss, laura mercier lip glace, revlon super lustrous lip gloss

xo – anna