Laser Teeth Whitening Review + $300 Discount

laser teeth whitenting

Several weeks ago I had a laser teeth whitening treatment and as promised, I am going to share all the details with you guys!

As a chronic coffee and wine drinker, my teeth always seem to be a couple shades darker than I’d like. I’ve of course used over-the-counter whitening strips here and there and even tried whitening trays. However, nothing seemed to get me quite to the “white” color I wanted. So, several weeks ago I partnered with Dallas Laser Dentistry to try their Laser Teeth Whitening treatment.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but y’all, I truly cannot believe my results and how easy the process was. I was also so impressed by their office, their staff, and their customer service. In fact, Travis and I are switching over to Dallas Laser Dentistry for all of our dental work because we were so impressed by the way they treated their customers.

Anyway, if below is a recap of my experience and hopefully an answer to most of your questions! Be sure to scroll to the bottom too because I included a MAJOR discount code that’s good through the end of June!

laser teeth whitenting

Laser Teeth Whitening:


There isn’t a lot of prep prior to your whitening treatment. However, they did tell me that it works better if you have just had your teeth cleaned. Lucky for me, I actually had my teeth cleaned a month prior.


The treatment/procedure was actually a lot easier than I thought. You complete a total of 4 treatments. Two of the treatments are done during your first visit and then the later two are done during your follow-up visit a week later. Each visit lasts for about an hour. The first visit seemed to be a bit longer for me simply because we did a consult and discussed what treatment would look like.

In between the two in-office whitening treatments, you will use whitening trays that they provide you with for a minimum of 45 minutes per day.


During my consult, the dentist informed me that your teeth fit into one of two categories. You either have yellow undertones or gray undertones. Yellow undertones lend the best, most visible results. Mine are gray, so while we knew the treatment would make my teeth whiter, we weren’t quite sure how much white they would be. Spoiler alert: we were both shocked at how white they got!


Results happen pretty quickly believe it or not. I could already tell a difference after my first treatment and then about half way through my week of whitening trays I could tell it was really working. After my second treatment, I left their office with teeth that were and are considerably whiter!


Whether or not the treatment is painful depends on how sensitive your teeth are. My teeth are not sensitive at all, so I did not feel pain during or after the treatments. I didn’t feel any pain with the whitening trays either. I did however feel some minor sensitivity to the cold air after my last set of treatments. It was easily treatable with advil though.

I did however ask about precautions for people with sensitive teeth since my husband has super sensitive teeth. They informed me that you can opt to have advil prior to the treatment and continue to take it throughout that day. You can also limit the time you wear the whitening trays. For example, they want you to wear them a minimum of 45 minutes as opposed to overnight like I did. They also recommended getting sensodyne toothpaste to use.


The total cost for the Laser Teeth Whitening is $895. However, if you book your initial appointment before June 30th, you can get $300 off your treatment simply by saying “Anna sent me.”

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This post was created in collaboration with Dallas Laser Dentistry. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands and support Fleurdille.