The Kind of Pampering Every Woman Needs

This post was created in collaboration with Waxing the City. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.

Happy Sunday, guys!! Thanks for stopping by today. I’m so glad you did because I’ve got a special treat for you guys! If you follow along my day-to-day shenanigans via my instastorires, then you guys know I had my first experience with Waxing the City last Sunday.

I’ve had waxing services before – Brazilian and legs, but not since I was a newlywed. My excuse for not keeping up with it – kids. Haha. I didn’t and still don’t mind shaving, so I just let the waxing go. I’ll be honest that I didn’t really see a need for any type of waxing until recently. You’re probably going to laugh at what I wanted to wax, too – my armpits and my legs. Boring, I know.

As my girls are getting older and time seems more precious, I’ve noticed my “personal time” decreasing. Showering is no longer a relaxing pass time, but rather a 5 minute activity I try to squeeze in during naps. And with a lack of time, I started to let things go. I was shaving my arm pits every 3 or so days and my legs every week or so. It didn’t really bother me to be honest, but it was grossing out my husband and my girls, haha. And that’s when waxing started to become appealing again. If I could wax my legs once a month and my arm pits every 2-4 weeks, it would be a dream!

So, I teamed up with Waxing the City to get things under control. A week ago I went to the Preston Center location and met with their fabulous staff. The first thing I liked about Waxing the City is that they are open 7 days a week. With work, family, and social obligations, I often can’t get away unless it’s Sunday afternoon. So while the girls napped I snuck away.

Since I previously had waxing services, I’ll be honest that I predicted this would be just another standard waxing experience. I was pleasantly mistaken though! The two things that blew me away were their customer service and their all natural products. Typically when you get a waxing service, you’re in and out. Waxing the City however has made an intentional effort to be totally present with each client. They pride themselves on making their customers feel valued and not like a number. It definitely came across. I enjoyed conversation throughout the entire time, felt comfortable asking questions along the way about the service, and they spent 2 hours on just my legs and arm pits – now that is a labor of love!

The all natural products was an aspect I was not accepting. They have their own wax brand sold exclusively at their locations, but they also have their own line of before and after care. Their products include a sugar scrub, body butter, lip balm, pre-wax serum and post-wax serum. Again, they’re made from all natural ingredients and they smell fabulous! I have been using the (Not So) Vanilla scent and it smells fabulous!

And…because I loved my experience so much, I want you guys to have that same experience! So, head to my instagram account today to enter to win $50 to Waxing the City for yourself!

NOTE: If you’ve never been waxed and are looking for some detailed information on the before and after care or just the process in general, click here to get answers to all of your questions!