Key Essentials For A Teacher’s Wardrobe

Hey, there! I am so glad you’re here!

It sounds crazy to say, but school is starting so soon! In fact, most teachers have already returned to work. I personally start this week, too.

As most of you know, I work part-time as a speech-language pathologist, in addition to running Fleurdille. This means that I too, have a portion of my wardrobe that works for the school setting.

I know a lot of you are teachers, so I thought it would be fun to share what I consider “key essentials” for a teacher’s wardrobe. These are pieces you can wear all year long. You can pair these pieces with other items and easily dress them down or up.

teacher capsule wardrobe

Key Essentials For A Teacher’s Wardrobe:

  • TOP ROW:
    • SATIN BLOUSE – I love this satin blouse. It’s a big dressier than a regular button down top and still remains super versatile. I like that it can be worn with white jeans, regular jeans, black pants, or a skirt. It can be tucked in, left untucked, or even worn as an outer layer. It’s a great transition piece for teachers.
    • WHITE BUTTON DOWN – this is a top you can’t go wrong with. It’s also super versatile. It can be worn untucked, tucked in, tied, you name it; it can be worn with so many different types of bottoms, too!
    • BODYSUIT – I love having a bodysuit in my teacher wardrobe capsule. They’re the best to layer with and can be worn all school year long.
    • BLACK TOP – I think every wardrobe needs one black top. I would normally gravitate toward a lacey or sheer blouse, but this black button down is just so versatile and the casual vibe suits the school atmosphere.
    • DENIM TOP – another crazy versatile top. I love that this top can be worn with any bottoms you may choose!

    • MAXI SKIRT – having a skirt in your rotation is a fun change-up to pants. In my experience, it can be a bit hard to pull off a shorter skirt if you work with younger students. So, I recommend a maxi length skirt. This black one from Target is super cute and could be styled easily on into Fall.
    • JEANS – everyone needs a good pair or denim for jeans day. I like the color of this pair and the straight leg with no rips will surely meet your dress code standards.
    • WIDE LEG PANTS – we all need an exception to black pants and this wide leg pant fits the bill. It’s crazy comfortable, flattering, and goes with anything!
    • BLACK PANTS – black pants are a great staple for bottoms. If you’re allowed to wear black jeans at your school, I recommend this pair from Madewell. I’ve had mine for several years and love them because they look more like pants and less like jeans. I recommend washing them inside out to retain the color. If you can’t wear black jeans, opt for the black matte leggings from Spanx.
    • BLACK LEGGINGS – everyone raves about the faux leather leggings from Spanx, but their matte leggings are just as good. They’re thicker and look a little more polished and more school appropriate.

    • JUMPSUIT – such a versatile piece! Easy to dress up or down!
    • MAXI DRESS – this dress is a great price point and can be worn in warmer months with sandals or mules and then the winter with booties and a jacket or sweater.
    • CREW NECK SWEATER – I love the look of this crewneck sweater. It’s neutral and with go with almost any bottom!
    • DENIM JACKET – jackets are a necessity because school’s are so cold so often. A denim jacket is a great casual option.
    • SWEATER BLAZER – I get cold so frequently that I like to keep a sweater with me. Instead of a cardigan, I like this sweater blazer – a bit more elevated! I’ve had mine for years and it’s held up so well!

    • NEUTRAL MULES – for those teachers in hotter climates, these are a great option for right now! Super cute and cool on your feet.
    • SNEAKERS – I love the look of these sneakers and let’s be honest, teachers need a good pair of sneakers. Cute shoes are fun, but being on your feet all day can take it’s tole. I love that this neutral sneaker will go with almost anything!
    • BOOTIES – I have these in black, but think I need this color because it will go with everything. They’re surprisingly comfortable and trendy!
    • LEOPARD FLATS – leopard is a great alternative to black or tan. It goes with everything and these are so cute!
    • BLACK MULES – black shoes are classic and needed for dressier days. I have this pair and it’s super comfortable!