How To Wear High Waist Pants If You Have a Short Waist

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top: madewell | pants: h&m | shoes: target | bag: cult gaia | sunnies: karen walker | earrings: loft

Y’all, I wish I could tell you how short my waist is. I mean, it’s exceptionally short. In fact, this past fall I was shopping with a girl friend who is most definitely 5 inches taller than I am or more. I remember being in Madewell with her trying on mom jeans and the lady pulled the same jeans in the same size for us. We were expecting them to hit so odd on me because I’m only 5’2,” but y’all, the jeans fit the exact same. No joke. Although I’m short, my legs are super long, which leaves me with very little waist. What’s a girl to do?

True story – as I was writing this post I got curious as to how “short-waisted” I really am. So naturally, I measured my stomach. Guys, from my belly button to my bra line is only 3 inches. Queen short waist over here, haha.

I don’t remember always having to think about having a short waist, but ever since this high-waisted trend came about, I’ve had to give it some serious thought. Trends like high waisted bikinis just don’t flatter my body type. I do however love the high-waisted pants trend because it’s the miracle worker for all mom bods. And while it’s a miracle worker for my mom pooch, I still have to be careful as to how I style my high waist bottoms so as not to look like my pants are a shelf for my boobs.

So, if you’re like me and you love the trend but also have a super short waist, the tips below should help you to pull off any high waist bottoms!

how to wear high waist bottoms:

    • tuck it in – tuck in your top. Always. This helps accentuate your waistline and minimize fabric therefore showing off the little waist you do have
    • add a long layer – adding a long jacket or a long cardigan will help add length to your look. For spring I would opt to a light long layer.
    • add length – I’m big on adding length to my figure whenever I can and my go-to tip is to wear heels. It automatically gives you several more inches and lengthens your legs.
    • monochrome look – another way to keep your figure looking slender is to stick to one color. I’m a big white fan, but black is super slimming and flattering, so opt for black pants and a black top.
    • avoid baggy pants – the least amount of fabric you can wear, the better. Adding heavy or extra fabric will drown your figure and make you look squatty.
    • allow for space between bra line and pants – this is a tricky one to pull off if you’re short-waisted, but try and get a little space in between your bra line and your pants. Wearing a more form-fitting top and tucking it in will help here.

affordable high waist bottoms:

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top: madewell | pants: h&m | shoes: target | bag: cult gaia | sunnies: karen walker | earrings: loft

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