How to Make Healthy Gnocchi

How to make healthy gnocchi. Follow this two ingredient recipe for a healthy dinner!

Happy Thursday, friends! Today we’re kicking off the first of what I hope is a super fun Trader Joe’s series. I’ve been posting a lot of my TJoe’s finds on my instagram stories lately and the feedback you guys gave me has been overwhelmingly positive. So many of you have started shopping at Trader Joe’s now or are trying new items because of it. And I love hearing that! It makes me happy because my love for Trader Joe’s is kind of incredible.

We have been shopping at Trader Joe’s for years. We started shopping at TJoe’s in Chicago and then were jazzed when it made it’s way down to Dallas. We have our set staples that we get each week, but we’ve also been trying a lot of new items, too! We got at least twice a week – in part because we only buy what we need, but in large part because I’m obsessed. It’s my happy place (if I’m without kids, haha).

I did a poll a couple of days ago asking you all if you’d like me to do a weekly blog post with my Trader Joe’s finds and recipes and it was an overwhelming yes. So, each week you can expect to find a new recipe, and oldie but a goodie, or a new find from TJoe’s. And today’s post is a new find thanks to my sister!

How to make healthy gnocchi. Follow this two ingredient recipe for a healthy dinner!

Cauliflower Gnocchi

I shared this with you guys last week and I received a ton of questions about it. After hearing my sister rave about it, I was eager to try it! The things that caught my eye about this dish were the simplicity of it, low in calories, and minimal ingredients – only 5 to be exact! It says the serving size per bag is 2.5 (a total of 330 calories). Truthfully, if you’re eating it for dinner, it is probably more like one serving. If you’re adding meat to it, you could make two servings out of it.


Cauliflower, cassava flour, potato starch, EVOO, and sea salt.

This is a dish I’ve found myself making on nights when Trav has work events and I’m only cooking for one. You can microwave it, but I steam it with water, saute with a little butter (you can use oil too, but butter tastes better), and then add sauce! All these instructions are on the bag though, so no worries! I added one of my favorite sauces from Trader Joe’s and a little rosemary from our backyard and I was done! On the sauce front, the one pictured above has 6 grams of sugar. You can find some with less.

So, for only 330 calories + sauce, and about 10 minutes of my time, I’d say it was a 9/10! I actually made this dish while making dinner for the girls, too – super low maintenance!


Happy cooking! And, if you end up making this dish, please let me know how you make it! Always looking for new tips and tricks in the kitchen!