how to maintain good hair during quarantine

hair care tips during quarantine

One of the biggest concerns on every woman’s heart right now: our hair. Sounds superficial, and maybe it is, but that doesn’t make it less important, haha. I’m one of the lucky ones that got her hair cut and colored just a week or so before quarantine began, but I’m quickly realizing that come the next month or so I’m going to be in trouble. My short hair cut is going to need some help and my darker roots will be making a solid appearance. I’m sure if you’re blonde or grey or were due to color your hair right before quarantine, you’re looking for some solutions, too.

Well, y’all know that whether I’m sharing my current reading list or giving tips on developing a successful morning routine, I want to be a source of help for you all. So, I reached out to my hair stylist, Whitney Haynes, to see if she could give us any advice for styling our unruly hair while we anxiously await hair salons to reopen.

I’m sure most of you have heard me talk about Whitney and FORM Salon by now, but if you haven’t, let me introduce you to the founder and owner of FORM Hair Salon. Truthfully, it feels a bit silly introducing Whitney as my hair stylist because over the years she’s become a dear friend. I guess that’s what happens when the same person has been cutting your hair since 2006!
Whitney is one of the hardest working women I know and several years ago she opened up her very own salon – FORM – and I’m so very proud of her! She employs a team of professionals cutting and coloring our hair and keeping Dallas women looking their finest. Whenever we are able to resume life, I highly recommend FORM if you need a salon!
hair care tips during quarantine
Let’s get to the good stuff though. Last week I sent Whitney some questions I’m sure we’re all wanting some answers to and I’m so excited to share them with you today!

how to maintain good hair during quarantine


Q: What are the best products to maintain hair health while waiting for our next cut?

I would suggest mask treatments. To me everything feels dry.  Chronicles are great and only $10! OI butter or Davines Vegetarian Miracle are also great!

Q: What styling products do you recommend to help tame hair as it grows out of the original cut?

I LOVE our Le Maçon leave in. You can put it on wet to tame hair and hydrate. As well as you can use this product dry to style short hair or break up curls for hold and hydration.
Anna speaking – this is the product I am always raving about to you guys! I use it to tame my hair and my husband uses this daily, too to style his!

Q: Are blondes able to use root touch-ups?

Unfortunately, no, blondes should not use the root touch up kits. Blondes need bleach and toners to achieve their desired color. I would suggest Fab Pro platinum or Mr Smith Blond to help cut the brassiness from fading toners and to hide the darker roots. I would do some cute half up styling to lift the brighter pieces around the face. Bobby pins and cute barrettes will be your best friend to still feeling glam.

Q: What can we do about grey roots?

I would first suggest a root spray! If you have done that and want a more permanent cover of the roots I would suggest Dp Hue Root touch up kits. FORM has both the root sprays and the kits available on our website.

Q: What if I need a bang trim or a neck trim?

I suggest first buying a feather razor online through amazon. Then you can set up a bang trim or neck trim consult with me and I can help you go over how to do little trims around the face, ears, and hairlines.

Q: How can we purchase products from FORM?

Our website has great products available www.formhairsalon.com. Check out our SHOP page for the products mentioned above or click on Le Maçon for the Leave In and other products.
hair care tips during quarantinehair care tips during quarantinehair care tips during quarantine
images provided by Form Hair Salon