Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! If you are anything like my family and me, then you have just had a huge meal, gone back for seconds (or thirds), and are now laying on the floor – stuffed. I’m not going to lie, each year I have high hopes that I will get out and take a long walk with my family – some years it happens, some years it doesn’t. If you’re feeling motivated today, then I encourage you to check out my pinterest board here for some easy work outs and cute athletic attire.

As for me, putting on work out clothing may be as far as I get today. 😉 I did however recently go hiking with my husband and found these awesome printed leggings at target the week before we went. With all the fun prints in style this season, I think it’s fun to let a little of that style trickle into my workout attire. I opted for the more feminine pair, but they have other patterns as well like this one and this one. I paired it with my go-to lululemon top that is thin enough to work out in and comfortable enough to lounge around in.


I had to include this one of my hubby and me. We took this picture hiking on my birthday and I just cannot express how wonderful it was to spend a whole day outdoors with this guy – he truly does give me life and is constantly putting a smile on my face!

lululemon radiant long sleeve top | target leggings | toms sunnies | tennis shoes

xo – anna

xo -anna