The Best Hair Straightener To Straighten Your Hair in Under 5 Minutes

hair straightener brush

Hair straighteners are one of the most used hair tools in our house. I use this mini hair straightener every time I blow dry my hair to straighten out the little curly cues around my face; I do the same for Abby, too! Emma Grace has longer, thicker hair than I do and a bit more wave, so I typically use this straightener on her to help smooth the back out. It works like a charm!

New Hair Rules At The Cobbs’ House!

Well, this year I made a few hair rules that my girls may be less than pleased about. I wanted to set some ground rules that would help my girls put their best foot forward each day. So, instead of arguing each morning about hair with my girls, I decided to give the girls some options to choose from. For example, I told the girls that if they wanted to wear their hair down to school, it needed to either be curled or straightened. If they didn’t feel like either of those options, they could simply wear it in a ponytail or put their hair in a headband. I want them to learn to put their best foot forward, and at the same time have a say in what they are doing and wearing.

I quickly realized that these new “rules” of mine require a lot of my time and supervision. So, I’ve been on the hung for hair tools that are effective and easy for my girls to use. I would love Emma to be able to curl or straighten her own hair. However, I don’t trust her quite yet to use a hot tool without my supervision.

hair straightener brush

The Hot Tool That Will Change Your Morning Routine!

Well, y’all, my girlfriend introduced me to maybe the holy grail of products for girls learning to style their own hair. The Hair Straigthener Brush she encouraged us to buy has been a game changer! It’s a brush that heats up and straightens your hair as you brush it out. While it is still a “hot tool,” it is far harder to burn yourself. It does come with a protective glove though if you choose to use it. I showed it to Emma Grace last week and we were both shocked at how easy it was for her to use! She was able to manipulate it and straighten her hair in about 2 minutes. It was perfect! I also think it is probably better for her hair heat-wise as it’s not on it for very long.

If you end up trying this hair straightener out (it’s less than $50), we’ve found that the trick is to make slow brush strokes. The slower brush strokes help it straighten better and then you don’t have to go over that section more than once. And if you have shorter hair, I’d recommend trying this mini straightener brush first!