Relatable, Attainable Goals For Young Moms In The New Year

2022 goals
Happy Saturday! One of my favorite things to do each year is to pick a word for the year. The word I pick is less of a resolution and more of an intention or a theme for the upcoming year. It’s something I can come back to each month, each day and check in with. I’ll be sharing my word this coming week!
But, being the type-A, enneagram one that I am, I also set some goals for different categories in my life. I try to be intentional and practical with the goals I choose. I want to set goals that are lofty enough I have to work for them, but that are also attainable.
I’ve found that say things like “I want to work out more” or “I will workout every day” are not good, measurable goals. The first isn’t a goal. There isn’t something specific to work for. A better way to phrase that would be “I will workout 3-4 times per week;” that is measurable. The later is not realistic. Life happens – you get sick or you have a day where working out is not possible – and then if you miss one day you’ve already failed. Neither are good, measurable goals.
This year I have worked hard to make my goals measurable and practical. I know so many of you are in the same boat. Honestly, I am always so inspired by other people’s goals, so I thought I’d share some of mine with you, in hopes of maybe inspiring one of you!
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My 2022 Goals:

My general goals are written below. I have specifics and practical steps of how I will obtain them in my personal journal. So, rather than sharing how I will be working toward each of them, I thought the general goal would be more helpful. Then, you can choose your own way of obtaining them.


  • MOVE DAILY: The past couple of years have been a lesson of learning to listen to my body. I have had unpredictable injuries, but also stretched myself and learned new things like snow skiing. Being active is good for me both physically and mentally, so I wanted to make a goal to be active on a daily basis. I made my overarching goal very vague so that it would be more of a theme for the year. Then I made smaller goals to obtain my daily move goal. “Daily movement” might look different each day based on what my body can handle –  a classpass workout, a neighborhood walk, or just trying to hit 10k steps a day!
    • Scheduled Workouts 4x per week: I am setting a goal to schedule a minimum of 4 workouts per week. Workouts will be spin classes via classpass, yoga classes (via classpass or online), neighborhood runs, and/or neighborhood walks. Ideally I’d like to workout daily, but I know 4 is obtainable.
  • EAT CLEANER: This past year I was introduced to a nutrition plan that truly helped me to continue to have a better relationship with food. I was able to work toward my goal weight, but more importantly, it helped me to eat cleaner, eliminate unnecessary sugar and junk, and it gave me a crazy amount of energy. Over the holidays though I got way off track. Currently, I am doing a reset (email me at hello@fleurdille to learn more or pick a time on my calendar to chat!). Once I reach my goal weight I will begin transitioning off the program and will work on maintaining my weight. I want to really take care of the body God’s given me, so my goal is to eat clean when it’s in my control. I know I’ll have events and social scenarios where that’s not feasible, but the physical and mental results of eating clean are irreplaceable – better skin, whiter eyes, more energy, etc. It’s also something I want to model for my family.
  • MINDFUL DRINKING: If this term doesn’t already exist, I’m making it. There are two reasons I want to be more mindful about consuming alcohol. The first reason is that I want to treat my body better. In addition to eating cleaner and eliminating processed food, I want to drink less alcohol. I am setting the goal to not drink on a week day unless it’s a social function. The other reason I want to be more mindful of where and when I’m drinking alcohol is directly related to my daughters. Personally, I think it’s very good for kids to see parents approach alcohol is a healthy, positive way. Too many times I’ve seen kids struggle with alcohol later in their lives when they’ve either never seen it in their home or seen it too much. I want to be mindful of drinking in front of my girls and demonstrate that it’s something that can be enjoyed in moderation.



  • WEEKLY SELF CARE: “Self care” is a term some might think is overused, but it’s necessary for mental health. It can come in any form form me, but it is most definitely necessary. If I go too long without making space for me to be alone, unplugged, I am not able to be the best version of a mom/mother/friend. For me, self-care can and will look different with each week. Some weeks it might be a massage, others a walk alone or getting my nails done, or even something as simple as taking a bath.
  • MORNING MEDITATION 5x PER WEEK: meditation is another tool that keeps me grounded and helps me to be more mindful as I go throughout my day. Meditation is good at any point in the day, but it seems to be best for me when I practice in the morning. My goal here is to begin each day with a 10 minute morning meditation as well as time in the word.
  • DAILY DEVOTIONAL: Much like I stated above, time in the word is something I need daily. It’s easy to use being tired or busy as an excuse, but ultimately, those are poor excuses. I want to grow deeper in my relationship with God and spending time in the Word is one of the best ways to do that. Right now I am reading through the books of Psalms, but I have this devotional in my Amazon cart when I’m finished.


  • ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH KIDS: One-on-one time with our girls is something we’ve come to realize each of our girls desperately needs. Heck, we need it as parents! It’s always such sweet time and they end up opening up so much more when we give them our undivided attention. My goal here is to get scheduled one-on-one time with each girl at least once a month.
  • ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH TRAVIS: One-on-one time with Travis is another thing we have realized is vital for our marriage. It helps to keep us on track, provides time for communication, and allows us to reset. Honestly, when we make time for each other, it benefits our girls too.
    • Two Staycations per year – ideally, we would love to have a staycation per quarter, but with our 2022 schedule, it may not be possible. So, we are shooting for at least two staycations or small getaways per year.
    • 1 date night per month – we have been so bad at date nights lately. Again, while we think weekly date nights would be better, we are traveling a lot this spring and know we’ll feel a pull to be home as much as we can. So, we are shooting for 1 date night per month and hoping to do more when our schedules allow. Once a month will at least provide a framework and some consistency.
  • PUT THE PHONE DOWN: I am setting a goal to put my phone down when in the presence of my daughters. It’s so easy to pick it up and do a quick scroll through Instagram or check my email. That only takes away from time with my girls and I want to be fully plugged in when I am with them.


  • READ 16 BOOKS: Last year I set the goal to read one book per month and obtained that goal. This year I want to strive to read a little bit more. So, I am setting a goal to read 16 books – physical books or on audible – this year.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Procrastination is one of my biggest road blocks. So often when I have too much on my plate I start to procrastinate when life feels overwhelming. So, I am striving to not procrastinate. In order to achieve a day or week where I don’t procrastinate, I am scheduling specific time slots in my day for each of my tasks. Time in my day for meditation and my devotional, time to workout, time for Fleurdille, time for chores, etc. Building space for each of my weekly and daily tasks will ensure I have time to give my undivided attention to each task.
  • SCRIPTURE MEMORY: Scripture memory is one of those things that seems to have gotten buried under the tasks of motherhood. I am going to strive to memorize at least two versus per month. My plan is to get a spiral notecard so that I can carry it with me and look over them as I’m on the go.
  • LISTEN TO PODCASTS/BOOKS IN THE CAR: This is something I switched to toward the end of last year and it was very fruitful. As moms, especially working moms, we know that our time is very limited. I found that using my time in the car to learn and grow rather than zone out helped me in multiple aspects of my life. I am striving to continue this tradition throughout 2022.
  • WRITE A LETTER ONCE A MONTH: snail mail is so fun to receive and I always feel so touched when someone sends me a letter. I’m setting a goal to write a letter to a friend or family member once a month.


This section is more personal, so I won’t be sharing my specific goals here. However, my overarching goal is to continually serve you all as best as I can. To constantly learn what you want/need from me and to provide content to you all that is helpful, relatable and fun.