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dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nursery

Happy Tiny Tuesday! Today’s post is all about Abigail’s feminine nursery. It’s a combination of some things new, some things old, some things borrowed (from her big sis), and even some things blue I guess if we can count the polka dots in the chair.

We actually designed this nursery with a dear family friend when I was pregnant with Emma Grace and loved it so much that when we found out we were having another girl we decided to keep it the same with a couple of tweaks.

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nursery

Our vision for the nursery was for it to feel feminine, calming, and inviting. We achieved this by mixing old with new, splurging on some items, and repurposing others.

For us, the item we knew we wanted to splurge on was the chair. Although I like the look of a wooden rocking chair, I wanted something that was wide enough to support me and a boppy pillow, soft enough to comfort during late night feedings, and have a chair back high enough for me to rest my head. I also wanted it to glide so that I could sit and rock my babies in their nursery.

We actually found our chair at a resale shop and recovered it with fabric that fit our decor. We also splurged a little bit on curtains to match our bedding. Now, how did we save? Easy, ladies. We decided to spend less on a crib and got a Graco crib from Walmart (currently on SALE for $160) of all places because we knew that not only would the girls chew on it, but we could dress it up with our bedding and bumpers.

We also saved by repurposing furniture pieces like the dresser simply by painting it. We used the dresser as a changing station, too, instead of buying a changing table.

For some more helpful hints on how to save on your nursery, check out this article from Project Nursery.

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nurserydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nursery

something old – our dresser was my grandmother’s and is a beautiful piece that we want to pass down to our girls; so, we had it refinished and painted a nursery rhyme scene on it from the bed sheets

something new – curtains, bedding (if you live in Dallas, we found a lady in west Dallas who did it for $150), wall decor, picture frames

something borrowed – well, almost everything I guess since it was Emma’s nursery originally, but we did “borrow” the “sh – sh – baby sleeping” sign from my mother

something blue – the polka dots in the chair? the picture frame above the crib? ha…I tried… 😉

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nursery

Although there is so much I love about Abigail’s nursery, I think my favorite part is watching Emma Grace interact with Abby. Emma keeps her pink stool in the nursery at all times and uses it to check on Abby when she’s sleeping in the crib and then scoots it over to the changing table to help me change Abby’s diaper.

One of Emma’s favorite things to do with her Daddy and me is to wake Abigail up in the morning by crowding around the crib and singing our good morning songs. It may be my favorite part of the day. 🙂

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nurserydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, girl nursery

photography: caroline jurgensen photography

xx – anna