How To Make a Curated Relaxation Gift Basket

walmart pickup and delivery

Excited to be partnering with Walmart again. We have become addicted to their online grocery and delivery service. In fact, Travis and I were laughing last night as I wrote this just thinking about our new Sunday tradition.  We have been out of town almost every weekend in May and will be for the next couple of weeks too. So, each Sunday, as we drive home from wherever, I flip open my laptop, connect to my hot spot, and everyone starts giving me their grocery items to add to our cart. Then, by the time we get home our groceries are waiting for us on our porch!

Our most recent order varied a bit from our usual weekly groceries. It’s the end of the school year, which means it’s time to say thank you to our teachers for all their hard work this past year. We all know how hard our teachers have worked this year to navigate the craziness of COVID, right? To show our appreciation, Abby and I decided to gift her teachers a relaxation gift basket.

So, we searched Walmart’s online and pickup delivery options and curated the cutest gift baskets! We picked out bubble bath, masks, candles, and Abby thought each of her teachers needed a bath bomb. We typically have extra baskets at home we can use to put everything in, but we couldn’t find two that matched so we ordered these. Then we paid, selected our delivery time, and waited for our goodies to arrive!

As soon as the bags landed on our doorstep Abby was ready to put them together! I hadn’t anticipated how much fun she would have putting them together, but she so enjoyed being a part of the experience. It was such a joy to watch! She is already crossing off the days on our calendar until she can give her gifts to her teachers.

Shop Our Relaxation Gift Basket:

NOTE: There is a $35 minimum order & small delivery fee for all online pickup or delivery orders; if an item you selected is not available, they will send you substitution options to approve.

walmart pickup and deliverywalmart pickup and deliverywalmart pickup and delivery

Shop Our Relaxation Gift Basket:

walmart pickup and deliverywalmart pickup and delivery

This post was created in collaboration with Walmart. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Fleurdille.