Get the Most Wear Out of Your Momiform

women pink cable knit sweater

Hi, mamas! Happy Monday! So glad you all stopped by today! I was tempted to start out today’s blog post with a mom confessional, but instead thought I’d start out with a “mom win.” As a mom I find it is so easy to beat myself up for not doing enough, not doing it right, or not doing all the things. It’s so easy in this world of social media for us to compare ourselves to other moms and feel like we aren’t good enough.

Instead of comparing ourselves, how about we build each other up? So today, I’m going to start out today’s post with a mom win. It’s a small win, but a win nonetheless. This morning my husband and I successfully snuck spinach and avocado into our girls’ smoothies. Emma Grace is the pickiest eater in the world and it is so tough to get her to eat nutrient rich food. So, today’s sneaky smoothie was a win! What is your mom win?

Curious…did the title catch your attention? What’s your momiform? Mine is typically my zella leggings or jeans and a tee. In the winter though, my momiform is most definitely jeans and a comfy sweater.

For me, a my momiform has to be comfortable, practical, and most importantly, versatile. Chunky sweaters are great because they can be worn so many ways. We need to get creative mamas with our momiforms. Sweaters are super cute with leggings, but they can have a new life of their own when dressed up, too.

If leggings are your jam, stick to leggings, just dress them up a bit. I recommend faux leather leggings and some cute pumps. If you’re looking to elevate your sweater even more, pair it with a fun skirt like this one or layer it over a dress.

So, when buying sweaters for your momiform, opt for neutrals or solid colors. This will make it easier for you to create more looks from one sweater. When switching from mom duties to drinks with the girls, it’s much easier to just change your bottoms as opposed to creating a whole new outfit.

women pink cable knit sweater

Now, let’s talk sweaters for our momiforms and where to get them. There are two brands that were popular when I was younger that have done some major rebranding and are making a pretty big comeback. If you were born in the 80s, you know the brands I’m talking about – Abercrombie and American Eagle. I’m sure you can smell the A&F colagne that permeated throughout the store right now.

It’s kind of crazy to think they’re making a comeback, right? It’s true though. They have rebranded with the intention to appeal to a wider audience and a wider range of life stages. And, they’ve done a great job! As part of their rebranding, both of them have dropped their logo on most items making them work for any age.

Over the past year or so I’ve been trying out different pieces from both stores and y’all, I’m a fan again. Their quality is good and their prices are even better. In fact, American Eagle has become one of my go-to stores for sweaters. If I’m going to get a sweater to add to my momiform collection, it’s got to be comfortable, well-made, and reasonably priced; AE sweaters are all of those things.



women pink cable knit sweaterwomen pink cable knit sweater

sweater: ae | skirt: loft | shoes: sam edelman (similar) | bag: target | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio