Fleurdille’s Everyday Make-up Musts

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Ah, make-up. What an overwhelming topic, right? I’ve never been a big make-up girl and have pretty much worn the same products for years on end. I’ve never been big on heavy make-up and have instead really resonated with a more natural look. Now, that being said, I almost always have some type of make-up on.

For me, my everyday make-up regimen makes up about 90% of my life and that extra 10% (think weddings, galas, special events), consists of adding a little blush and maybe some fake eyelashes to my normal routine.

Okay, so knowing that I wear the same thing almost every single day, I’ve really strived this past year to perfect my everyday make-up products. The products I’ve landed on are 1) good for my skin 2) are long lasting and are 3) natural-looking. Some of the products I’ve used for years, while others I’ve only recently added to my repertoire.

So, scroll through, read my tid bits about each product, and feel free to email me or comment with any questions you may have about any of the products!

My Everyday Make-up Musts:

  1. Lancome Bienfait UV 50+ Sunscreen ($39)
  2. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream ($38)
  3. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye ($24)
  4. NYC Eye Primer ($2.82)
  5. e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow ($2)
  6. Lancome ‘Artliner’ Eyeliner ($30.50)
  7. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($4.26)
  8. NARS Lip Gloss Рcolor: Turkish Delight ($26)


Everyday Make-Up Steps

(1) SUNSCREEN – After I wash and tone my face, I apply a thin layer of sunscreen to my face before my moisturizer. Know that I’m in and out of the sun a lot, that I run outdoors, and that I’m in my car a lot, I’m really trying to make an effort to protect my skin. I started using this sunscreen last summer and will never part from it. It’s super thin, very lightweight, absorbs fast, is oil free, and works on all skin types. It seems a little pricey at $39, but a little bit definitely goes a long way. I’m still using the bottle I bought last May.

(2) CC+ CREAM – I just added this step and have been really happy with this product. I used to apply moisturizer and then a little foundation powder, but I never felt like it evened my skin tone well. So, I started using this CC+ Cream with 50+ SPF (extra sunscreen never hurt anyone), and I love how it evens my skin tone, is chemical-filter free, and lasts all day. It also gives your face a slight hint of color, which is great if you don’t plan on adding blush or anything (which I don’t during the week).

(3) BYE BYE UNDER EYE CREAM – this is a new step in my daily routine too as of this past year. With melasma, I will always have a hint of dark spots under my eye, so I’ve been using this under eye cream to help reduce the visibility of my dark spots, and it actually works! This also seems a bit pricey when you purchase it initially, but you really use the tiniest amount each day, so I’m sure it will last at least a year!

(4) EYE PRIMER – eyes have always been big for me because my eyelashes are so small, so I’m always wearing something. This eye primer is a very light neutral and just helps your eyeshadow stick and last all day.

(5) EYE SHADOW – while some e.l.f. products don’t work well for me, I’ve found that their eye shadows are definitely worth buying. This neutral palette is a great way to add just a bit of depth to your eyes.

(6) MASCARA – I have seriously been using Great Lash mascara since I started wearing make-up and struggle to part with it. It goes on thin and lasts days (that’s right, days…I don’t always wash my eye make-up off…eek!). It never clumps up, and gives a clean, refined look.

(7) EYE LINER – I’m a big fan of eyeliner to help make my eyes look bigger, and I’ve found over the years that liquid eyeliner doesn’t leave that black smudged look under my eyes. I started using Lancome’s ‘Artliner’ a couple of years ago and am obsessed. The tip is a very thin felt tip so it’s super easy to apply a straight line to your eyes and it lasts all day.

(8) LIP GLOSS – Y’all, if you’re going to buy one lip gloss, buy this one. I’ve worn it for years (turkish delight) and keep buying it. I should probably just order it in bulk. I love that it gives you a simple sheen during the week when you wear it alone, but it layers really easily over lipstick to give an added shine, too. Oh, and it’s not sticky (hoorah! I hate sticky lip gloss).

Now that you’ve heard what my everyday make-up products are, let me know what some of your favorites are! I’d love to give them a try!

xx – anna