The Most Flattering Bra + 9 Best Bra Care Tips

9 best care tips for lingerie

Good morning, friends! I am so pumped to chat about bras with you today. If you’re one of my gentleman followers, then you may want to scroll through or follow along our Chicago trip on instagram and just pass this one up. Or you could learn a little something for your significant other.

As y’all know, I got to tour Soma a couple weeks ago and learn a bit more about their bras. When they asked me to come into their store I immediately said yes because I am a long time fan of their bras. In fact, I have been wearing their Vanishing Back Bra for 2 years. My one qualm about the Vanishing back Bra had been that it stretched out easily, and apparently there were a lot of other customers that thought the same. In fact, so many people had that same complaint that they redesigned that bra this year. I was anxious to hear what made it better and try it on.

I ended up trying on over 10 bras and settled on 2 favorites. My first was the new and improved Vanishing Back Bra. Their design really was better. The back strap still smoothes out any back or side fat, but it fits much snugger and uses newer technology to avoid stretching, and the straps are designed differently as well to reduce stretching. My second favorite bra was the Stunning Support Full Coverage Bra, which has a “C” wire instead of a “U” wire, which holds your ladies up a bit higher than the typical bra.

The big thing I inquired about was how to best care for my bras. In fact, I was kind of embarrassed because I asked (thinking I already knew the answer) if you were supposed to wash your bras every 2-3 weeks. However, the answer was actually every 2-3 wears. Whoops. So, I inquired about the best methods to bra care and wanted to share what I learned with you all because I have definitely not being doing all 9 tips.

9 Bra Care Tips:

  1. Own 7-9 bras: Did this shock you because it definitely threw me off my game. I always thought you were supposed to have 2-3 bras. Nope, they advice 7-9 or a minimum of 5-7. These would include different types of bras like a racerback bra, regular bra, push-up bra, full coverage bra, strapless bra, etc. The idea of having this many is that you are able to keep them in good condition longer and you have enough to rotate frequently.
  2. Rotate bras daily: I am so bad at this. In fact, I wear my bras for weeks at a time. They advise wearing a different bra every day. If you have a daily favorite they advice getting two or 3 of that bra and rotating. This helps minimize stretching and degradation. If you live somewhere like Dallas where it’s super hot and you most likely sweat in your bra, then switching out often help maintain their quality.
  3. Wash every 3 wears: Yea, I’ve never done this. It kind of grosses me out to think about how dirty my bras are given that I don’t wash them every 2-3 wears, but that’s the rule of thumb to maintain quality and prevent sweat stains.
  4. Hand wash (if possible): bras are delicate and we should treat them delicately. I really like the sentiment of this rule, but as a young mom of two toddlers, I simply don’t have time to hand wash my bra, especially if I’m washing 7-9 bras. So, you can machine wash if you use the steps below. Thank the Lord.
  5. Use a lingerie bag: This step is meant to keep you bras from tangling and stretching. Wash them in a gentle cycle in a bag. [This lingerie bag is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and is only $8!!)
  6. Use Gentle Detergent: I had never heard of this one and actually didn’t know this existed. I knew they had detergent for babies, but didn’t know there was such a thing as gentle detergent for clothing. The idea behind this is that it doesn’t deteriorate the material as fast. [This Scented Lingerie Wash is on sale for $10 and here is an Unscented Lingerie Wash]
  7. Fasten hooks before washing: This makes sense, especially if you aren’t using a lingerie bag. Fasten your hooks so that your bras don’t clasp on to other clothing and stretch out.
  8. Hang properly to dry: I liked this tip because I’ve been doing it wrong. I typically hang my bras on a hanger right-side up. However, they suggest hanging your bra by the middle of the bra so that there is a cup on each side of the hanger. This keeps the straps from stretching out and it keeps water from weighing down on the bottom of the cup and deteriorating the material.
  9. Store them properly: keep your bras in a drawer instead of hanging them. Again, keep them from stretching out.

So how many of y’all learned something? I did. I think I was only doing 1/9 of the care tips. Whoops. As always, if y’all have any good tips I would absolutely love to know!