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Never wear black with blue? Can this even be true anymore? Answer: nope! This fashion rule, now a myth, was the inspiration for this post. How many times do we find ourselves asking, can I wear white after Labor Day? Can I wear black with brown? Can I wear boots with a dress? There are so many fashion myths that have been debunked, that I thought I would touch on some of the biggies! Enjoy. 🙂

Fashion Myths:

1. Sequins are for after dark – no way! With all the mixing of patterns and fabrics, you can pair your sequin skirt with a chambray top and tan booties, or a white v-neck and flats for a chic day look.

2. Avoid colors that clash – we all know this isn’t true anymore! The past couple of seasons we have seen red paired with pink, pink paired with orange, blue paired with black, etc. Enjoy creating colorful outfits!

3. Avoid denim on denim – this one has taken some getting used to for me, but it is right on trend to pair your chambray top with a pair of jeans. If you’re not comfortable with this trend yet, try pairing a lighter color of denim with a darker color for more of a contrast.

4. Your bag must match your shoes – I am so glad this rule is now a myth because pairing a colorful clutch with leopard shoes is one of my favorite looks. 🙂

5. No white after labor day – praise the Lord this is now a myth. Not only am I a lover of white clothing, but when it stays warm in Texas into October and sometimes even November, it just makes sense to getting a little more wear out of my white jeans.

6. Hide your baby bump – this used to be the case for my parents’ generation, but nowadays it is all about showing off your cute little bump!

7. Don’t mix your metals – this used to be a big one, but fashion trends have shifted and it is not acceptable to stack your gold and silver bangles together!

8. Don’t mix and match prints – walk into any store, visit any fashion blog, and you will know this is definitely not true!

9. Horizontal stripes make you look fat – although I do believe this has become a myth, I still think I have to be careful with how thin the stripe is – I’m short and not all stripes are the most flattering.

10. Short women can’t wear long dresses – girl, grab a pair of heels and rock your long dress!

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navy top – old (similar, similar)| skirt – old (similar) | ann taylor heels | pieces clothing boutique clutch (similar here in green and black)

xo – anna