How To Take Family Photos Without a Professional Photographer

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How To Take Family Photos Without a Professional Photographer:

One of the questions I’ve received more recently is “who takes your pictures?” Before COVID, I had a photographer take all of my photos – and loved them! Then COVID hit, and I had to shift what I did and rely more on iPhone photos. So, my sweet husband and my girls became my photographers. While Travis still takes pictures when he’s around, I can’t always rely on him because he works out of the home again.

So, I came up with a new plan. I ordered this iPhone stand and this bluetooth remote and started doing them myself. Being more comfortable with taking my own photos, I decided to take it on our trip this past month to get photos of Travis and myself. Y’all, I am SO glad I did! We typically only get solo shots or iPhone photos on our kidless trips. But, not this time!

We simply set it up, clicked a button on our bluetooth remote, and got our photo! I love that we have memories and pictures with both of us in them! Honestly, it was so easy and they turned out so well that I think I’m going to take our own Christmas card photos. Why not, right?

Anyway, if you want to try it out yourself, I highly recommend getting this stand an this remote form Amazon. Then follow the tips below and you’ll be golden!

Tips For Taking Your Own Photos:

  • Center Yourself In The Frame – Once you’re all set up, make sure you’re center yourself in the frame. I usually have Travis stand in what I think is the center of the frame. Then I hop in, press the button on the remote, and double check my shot. Once you’re centered, you’re good-to-go.
  • Take a Lot of Photos – the more the merrier! Taking lots of photos is the key to finding those perfect few. We usually take 20-40 rapid fire. Some will be blurry, some will look bad, but inevitably, you’ll find the perfect candid shot.
  • Use Good Lighting – for outdoor photos dusk or dawn tend to have the best light. Take advantage of the natural light – it will go a long way, even if you edit your photos!
  • Avoid Backlighting – never stand with your back to the sun or a bright light. It may seem like common sense, but a lot of people still do it.
  • Don’t Stand Still – looking stiff is the last thing you want. Plus, candid shots are so endearing and relatable. So, loosen up and move – move around and look at each other. You’ll end up getting the sweetest photos!
  • Hide the Remote – don’t forget to hid the remote. Whoever has their hand behind the other should hold the remote.

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