Emma Grace has a Birthday! 4 Year Update:

emma grace 4th birthday

Happy Tiny Tuesday!!! Y’all, Emma Grace turns 4 this week! Can you believe it because we sure can’t!!! I am such a big birthday person and luckily so is Emma Grace. We have been counting down to her bday since July 1st and have been crafting for her Swan Princess Pool Party all weekend long. Thanks to our daddy, we also found out that Emma Grace shares a birthday with Jordan Speith. How fun is that?

Instead of me gushing about how much I love this little girl and all the joy, laughter and sweetness that she’s brought into our lives, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with her about some of her current favorites. I drafted the questions with Travis a couple of nights ago and we tried to answer them in the way we thought she would answer. We were spot on for some of them and way off for others. We shared our answers and hers below!


  • FAVORITE MUSIC: princess songs; “From the Right Angle” by Dawes; “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor¬†(our guess: Dawes’s From the Right Angle, Traveller by Christ Stapleton)
  • FAVORITE FOOD:¬†raspberries (our guess: ice cream – A; PBJ – T)
  • FAVORITE THING TO WEAR: a pretty costume¬†(our guess: dresses – A&T)
  • FAVORITE COLOR:¬†rainbow (our guess: pink & purple – A&T)
  • FAVORITE BALLET MOVE: pirouette¬†(our guess: pirouette – A)
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: The Princess and the Frog¬†(our guess: Rapunzel – A; The Princess and the Frog¬†– T)
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITY: playing hide & seek¬†(our guess: coloring – T; ballet – A)
  • FAVORITE PARTENT: we didn’t really ask her this… ūüėȬ†(our guess: mom – A&T)
  • BEST FRIEND: Charlee Kate¬†(our guess: CK – A&T)
  • WHAT SHE’S MOST EXCITED ABOUT: “It’s my birthday!”¬†(our guess: birthday party – A&T)
  • FAVORITE PLACE TO VACATION: The beach with my friends Charlee Kate & James¬†(our guess: beach – A&T)
  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Halloween¬†(our guess: Christmas – A&T)
  • FAVORITE PRINCESS:¬†Aurora and Snow White¬†(our guess: Aurora)
  • FAVORITE ANIMAL:¬†Jellyfish (NOTE: she hates real jellyfish, but loves the fantasy version because of the Fancy Nancy story called “Peanut Butter Jellyfish”) (our guess: dog)