DIY projects for a simple dining room makeover

diy projects dining room

I’ve had the itch for awhile now. The itch to do some home DIY projects.

For so long I have avoided any big DIY projects with our home because it’s not our forever home. But then I thought, why wouldn’t I pour love into my house to make it feel more like home?

Over Christmas I got Homebody by Joanna Gaines and really resonated with one of the things she said in her introduction:

“We can get so bogged down with design rules and comparisons that we forget to focus on the simplicity of choosing things that we love for our homes. It’s not about sticking to a specific, prescribed style. It’s about a story…Rather than following arbitrary guidelines, try to focus on incorporating the things that matter to you and the people who share your home.” 

How great is that quote? For so long I’ve felt stressed about fitting inside one design style because I don’t feel like I truly fit into just one category. I’m a mix of modern and farmhouse, but have several traditional pieces and several more modern pieces as well. After reading that quote though, I am shifting my focus from fitting into one mold to creating a home that makes me happy.

I am planning on intentionally designing each room in our home. Some rooms will only require some new accessories or new bedding, while others will need new coats of paint or a bigger facelift. I plan on doing everything myself and sharing it all with you. Completing these projects will not only show myself, but you as well, that we are capable of cultivating a space we love. I also want to prove that I can do things on a dime.

So, for 2021 you can expect to see more home decor, home design, and DIY projects. Through this process I hope to stay inspired and inspire you to create a home you love and want to live in. So, together with inspiration gathered from pinterest and youtube tutorials, I think I can make it happen!

“…allow yourself the freedom to mess up, whatever that means, or simply change your mind.” – Joanna Gaines

I”m sure I’ll mess up along the way, but I figure that’s how I’ll learn? And yes, I will be sharing every step of the process with you along the way!

diy projects dining room

DIY projects for January:

The first DIY project I am going to be taking on is my dining room. If you recall, I upgraded our dining table, added a rug, and added some framed photos on a dime. I did all of that in the beginning of quarantine. But then I kind of left the room alone. I don’t hate the room, but it also feels incomplete.

So, I’ve spent some time on Pinterest (be sure to follow me if you’re not already!) and Instagram finding some inspiration for our dining room. Below are the different DIY projects for our dining room as well as some items I have already ordered for the room.

Since I am new to this whole home DIY world, I really have no idea how long this project will take me. I am hopeful it will only take a week or two, but we’ll see!

Upcoming DIY plans:

  • Add wainscoting to 3/4 walls
  • Hang new curtains & raise curtain rod
  • Add wood panel accent wall
  • Repaint dining room white
  • Hang new mirror

Recent purchases:

  • Amazon linen curtains – these curtains have over 7,000 positive reviews and are exactly what I was wanting. I originally had my eye on some from Ikea, but these were a couple dollars cheaper. They were also available for prime shipping.
  • Amazon curtain rod – this is another Amazon find that’s not only affordable but has 7k+ 5-star reviews! Our old was brushed nickel and honestly, just doesn’t go with our decor or furniture anymore. I also reapplied my curtain rod was hanging too low, so I’ll be hanging this one a bit higher.
  • Black Ornate Antique Mirror – the current mirror I have hanging above our bar is too small for the space. I was in the market for a new mirror and honestly wanted this one from Anthropologie so badly. However, not only was the mirror more than I wanted to spend, but it was also too wide for the space. So instead, my girlfriend helped me find a mirror with a similar vibe – this one from Kirkland’s.

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