Dallas Museum of Art


Happy Tiny Tuesday! This week asĀ #ckandegtakedallas, our little girls visit the Dallas Museum of Art. I’m not going to lie that Andi of Our Beau Monde and I originally wanted to visit the museum to see the fabulous art and escape the summer heat. We knew that museums like the Perot Museum offered a lot for children, but really thought the DMA would only offer us a cool place to walk and a good view. However, we were pleasantly surprised. The DMA has an amazing outdoor sculpture area that is great for letting your kids run and eat and not you don’t haveĀ to worry about being quiet. Although it is hot outside, the outdoor area is almost completely shaded, which is means no sunburns!

After we played outside for a bit, we came inside and were pleasantly surprised by the Center for Creative Connections area of the museum. This section boasts of creating a space for kids to see, hear, feel, read about, talk about, and make their own art. There is also a portion of this area- Arturo’s Nest, that is designed specifically for tiny tots age 0-4 years. This area is a separate room that has books to read, puzzles to play with, toys that make noise, a velcro tree that you can put flowers and leaves on, a “nest” and “eggs” to play with, a doll house, and tables to sit on and create your own art.

Want to know the best part about the DMA? General admission is free every day. This day & age finding an entertaining place to take your kids to that is free is tough, so this was a breathe of fresh air!

sculpture garden:


emma grace’s outfit: oshkosh lace peplumĀ top via target | bow front bubbleĀ shorts via target | stride rite leopard slip on shoe via amazon

charlee kate’s outfit #1: gap dress (similar) | gap shoes

charlee kate’s outfit #2: gap top | gap shorts | gap shoes

xo – anna & emma grace