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callbox storage

Happy Wednesday, loves! I am ecstatic today to introduce to you a company that will solve all of your storage nightmares – Callbox Storage. If you’re like me just hearing the word “storage” makes me cringe as images of countless boxes piled up in my garage fills my head. Storing our extra clutter in a storage unit isn’t a new idea by any means, but what this company does goes a step further. Callbox Storage takes you out of the equation in the best way possible.

So how does it work? I’ll explain, but I’m warning you that it may sound too good to be true, but it is! Here’s how it goes:

  1. Callbox Storage comes to your home to pick up your items for FREE, so you don’t have to do any lifting (side note: they will also go to your current storage unit to pick up items there).
  2. They take your items to their storage unit and photo inventory all of your items and store them in a climate controlled unit.
  3. They bring things back! All you have to do is simply pull up their app, select the items you’d like returned, and they bring it to you!

callbox storage

As a young mom in a house that never seems big enough to hold all of our baby items, this sounded so appealing. Truthfully, we’ve steered clear of storage units simply because of the hassle. I can’t think of anything worse than dragging my two little girls during to the day to a storage unit and attempting to keep track of them while I carry items in and out of a storage unit. I love that with this company I don’t have to leave my home or lift a finger. My girls can play in the yard while they pick up our items and they’re gone in a flash!

Being the type-A person that I am, I also love that they categorize all of your items and take a photo inventory. It makes it so easy to get any items back that I may need. For example, if I want to have a tub returned that’s full of Emma’s size 2T clothing that I’ve saved for Abby, all I have to do it pull up their app, click on the item I want, and then it gets delivered.

Their slogan is “storage without a headache,” and it couldn’t be more true!

callbox storage

You can sign up today here or by calling 972-CALLBOX. And, you can get 10% off your storage fee for the first year through 3/31/2017 with code: FLEURDILLE.

callbox storagecallbox storagecallbox storage

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