Bowhurst Bags


While my husband and I were in London a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Bowhurst team to learn more about their bags. Similar in style to the popular Herschel bags, Bowhurst – an international company based in London, makes hand crafted backpacks. The two owners – Freddie and Alex, embarked on their journey to create a company that provided their customers with bags that are practical, stylish and reasonably priced without foregoing quality. They definitely succeeded! So, what makes these bags different from other bags? Let me break it down for you…

The bags:

Bowhurst prides itself on 4 different types of bags, providing each customer with a bag that will fit their individual travel needs. As a frequent traveler, I resonated with the “London Bag” as it is the perfect accessory to carry on the plane and around the city as you explore new places. It is lightweight, slim, and can hold a laptop up to 15 inches!¬†Their other bags include the “classic pack,” the “casual carry” – perfect for the beach or every day wear, a “hip pack,” and an “adventure wallet” with the ability to hold your cards, ID,¬†and your passport. Each bag has a classic, simple design and is handcrafted.

What makes this company different from others?

Bowhurst’s intent is to provide adventurers all around the world with not just a bag, but an experience. Each bag comes with a code that gives you access to the “Bowhurst Club.” This club is designed to create a network of adventurers and to support you in your personal travels! For example, if you were to travel to Argentina to hike, you could search the Bowhurst Club to see if Bowhurst had any “ambassadors” in Argentina that could give you certain discounts or guidance for your travels. Pretty cool, huh?

Where is the company going from here?

The company prides itself on listening to their customers’ feedback, so they are always working to make small changes to their bags for the better. For example, one customer stated they would like the inside pocket of the “london bag” to be large enough to hold a tablet – a practical request. So, the Bowhurst is working to make the change that would almost certainly benefit everyone. In addition to constantly improving their products, the company has plans to expand in the future and provide even more products necessary for your adventures like coats, etc.!

london pack”


casual carry”


How adorable are their mommy and me “casual carry” bags? Emma definitely needs one!


classic pack”


I can honestly say it was such a pleasure meeting with Bowhurst and very refreshing to meet such a fabulous design team that is easy-going, funny, and jolly! Be sure to check out their website and stay tuned for their Spring/Summer line!

Oh, and don’t call their “hip pack” a “fanny pack” like we do in America because the word “fanny” in England means something¬†verrrry¬†different…

xo – anna