benefits of lemon water

The more nutrition blogs I visit and nutrition books I read, the more I am discovering the many benefits of warm lemon water. It sounds crazy, but a glass of warm lemon water has now become a part of my morning routine, and it should be part of yours too! From aiding in digestion to riding your body of toxins, this low calorie drink is a must! The benefit that hooked me was the fact that it helps to clear up your face if you struggle with acne AND it helps to prevent wrinkles (guilty of both). Check out Food Matter’s website to read their list of all the health benefits of warm lemon water.


1. Cut your lemon. Some nutritionists suggest you do 1/2 a lemon per 8 oz glass. I usually do the full lemon. 🙂


2. Squeeze your lemon into a glass of lukewarm water.


3. Drink your warm lemon water before eating your breakfast and/or having your first cup of coffee.



4. Enjoy your morning routine. Whether you are rushing to get ready each morning or make time to sit down and journal or do a devotional while sipping on coffee, drinking an 8 oz glass of warm lemon water can be easily adapted into any morning routine!

Several Benefits of warm lemon water:

  • aids in digestion
  • rids your body of toxins
  • prevents wrinkles and acne
  • Balances your pH level
  • Boosts your immune system

Oh, and don’t throw your lemon rinds away! Here are several things you can do with your rinds so that you don’t waste them:

1. Grind your lemon rinds in the disposal for a fresh scent.

2. Combine your lemon rinds with coarse salt to clean your cutting boards. (Check out The Kitchn’s blog for directions).

3. Zest your lemons before cutting them and freeze the zest to use later.


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