Bellifly Maternity Pillow

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The pregnancy pillow. Everyone has heard of the pregnancy pillow.

I “poo-poo-ed” the idea of a pregnancy pillow with my first pregnancy, but have struggled to get good sleep with #2 that I started to entertain the idea of one. With only a queen size bed and the price of most pregnancy pillows (some are up to $100!), I still couldn’t justify buying one. That is, until I heard of Bellifly Pillows.

Bellifly pillows are compact – think: easy to store & they don’t act like a second body in the bed, and they can be used for more than one sleeping position.

But, the thing that piqued my interest in¬†these pillows is that they were designed by a mom of multiple kiddos, which means that the designer knows what sleep or lack of sleep is like when you’re preggo. She also designed this pillow to be used to support breast feeding, which means you get more bang for your buck!

fleurdille, dallas fashion blogger

When I received my Bellifly pillow it came wrapped in a mesh bag instended not just for storage, but for easy cleaning. Each pillow also has a cute little pink tie for compact storage. Check and check.

2 ways to use it at bedtime:

fleurdille, bellifly, dallas fashion bloggerfleurdille, dallas fashion blogger


The first way to wear it is probably what you think of when you think of a pregnancy pillow.

One of the pillows fits gently under belly and one of the pillows slides in between your legs/knees for added support. The soft stuffing in the pillow is soft enough that it can fit comfortably under any size belly.

The stretchy middle part that attaches the two pillows allows the pillows to be close or far apart depending on your height – once again…one size fits all!

fleurdille, dallas fashion bloggerfleurdille, dallas fashion blogger


For the second way, you simply lay in the middle of the two pillows with one pillow tucked under your belly and one supporting your back.

This way surprised me the most and has ended up being my favorite way to use the pillow – it provides belly support when your belly is massive (3rd trimester mommies) and it provides good back support

I’m typically a back sleeper, so it’s nice to have a¬†pillow that¬†gives me¬†the sensation of sleeping on my¬†back as the pillow allows you to¬†lean back quite a bit without actually laying flat on your back.

The unexpected benefit of this way? You feel like you’re being cuddled, and with my main love language being touch, that was a huge bonus! ūüėČ

benefits of pregnancy pillows:

~ reduce back pain

~ reduce leg cramps

~ helps you fall asleep faster

~ helps you stay asleep longer

~ prevent you from rolling onto your stomach or your back

~ can support you during breastfeeding

To read more on why pregnancy pillows benefit you, check out this article from Women’s Healthcare Topics.

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