7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party

7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party

Happy Hump Day, guys! I can hardly contain my excitement for the holiday season. We’ve been counting down the days until we leave for Chicago and it’s finally here! We leave tomorrow to kick off the holiday season and hopefully see some snow. Once Thanksgiving hits though, I feel like the holiday parties really start to ramp up. It can get exhausting, but it can also be super fun. I’ve learned over the years to not feel pressure to say “yes” to everything so that I can be fully present at each one.

I do feel like there is always a question or two that pops in my head when it comes to attending a holiday party. What do I wear? Should I arrive fashionably late? What do I take the host or hostess? I figure we all go through this thought process though. So today, I wanted to share with you guys some tips I’ve learned regarding good guest etiquette.

7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party


  1. DON’T GET THERE EARLY/DON’T LEAVE LATE – I think this is a tip you learn more when you’re on the hosting side than the guest side. We all know those last 15 minutes leading up to a party are nuts! The host is typically running around like a mad man; lighting candles, putting the last hors d’oeurvres out, and cleaning any leftover baking dishes. So please, don’t show up early. And on that same note, don’t leave late. If there is a set end time, you need to be gone by that time. The host/hostess is probably exhausted and needs to kick her feet up.
  2. BRING A HOSTESS GIFT – this is a tough one. While it may be hard to decide what to bring your host, always bring a gift. It’s polite and my guess is the host has put way more money, time and energy into the party than your gift. It shows you took time to think about all the effort the host went to, and how thankful you are for that. Click here for some host gift ideas.
  3. EAT BEFORE YOU GO – this is a tip my mom taught me and it’s a good one. It has several benefits, too. First, if you’re trying to stay true to your healthy diet this is a must. Eating before will fill you up and you’ll be less likely to indulge in fatty hors d’oeurvres. Second, how many times do you go to a party, start talking, and never find the chance to eat? If you eat before you won’t be partying on an empty stomach. And lastly, if you plan on drinking at your holiday party, having a little food in your stomach is key. 🙂
  4. TALK TO EVERYONE – by talking to everyone – those you know and those you don’t, you’ll make the host feel like you’re engaged and having fun. Chances are too, there’s someone there that doesn’t know a lot of people and would love to have someone to talk to!
  5. BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER – this is a new one and probably one our parents wouldn’t think of right off the bat. In the age of social media though, having a fully charged phone is key to documenting your night. So, I recommend a portable charger like this one. Or, the super adorable clutch in today’s post comes with a built in charger. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?
  6. BE HELPFUL – whether you’re simply throwing away your own cups and dishes or helping to keep the serving area tidy, your host will be so grateful for the extra help.
  7. VERBALLY THANK YOUR HOSTESS – in addition to your thank you gift, be sure to verbally say thank you on your way out. It will mean a lot!

7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party7 Tips to be the Best Guest at Your Holiday Party

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