7 Tips for Packing in a Carry-on Bag

san clemente vacation

Happy Friday and Happy St. Patty’s Day, y’all!!! This week was a crazy work week so I am more than excited that the weekend is finally here! I’m at home on Fridays with my girls so we’ll be taking it easy today until Trav gets home. To be honest, we don’t really have many plans this weekend except to relax and maybe do a house project or two. We are going to celebrate Trav’s bday with his family this Saturday at Knife, so that will be super fun! I’m planning on wearing this top with jeans, but have been eyeing this adorable floral flounce dress that I might just have to get. Anyway, that’s for another post!

Today’s post is all about my trip this past weekend to San Clemente! If you follow me on instagram and watch my instastories, then you got to see a glimpse of my getaway. Last Thursday I left for the beach with 8 other girls sans husbands and sans kids and let me tell you, it was amazing! We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend except to eat, drink coffee, shop, and walk on the beach. It was seriously perfect and much needed for us mamas!

Before I continue¬†with some of my favorites though, I have to share the sweetest thing. Most of us girls landed at the same time in San Clemente on Thursday morning and as we turned our phones on upon landing, we had a video waiting for us in a mass group text. The video was a montage of all of our husbands singing “California” and at the end of the video each husband stated why he loved and was grateful for his wife. It was the sweetest send off! Way to go guys!

Speaking of flying, I packed in a carry-on bag for maybe the first time in my life. Side note: we’re traveling to Italy this summer and are only able to bring a carry-on, so I’ve been trying to get some practice in whenever I can. It was tougher than I expected, but I came up with a couple tips that helped me cram what I needed into my little bag. I will take any and all suggestions you have though if I missed a key element!

7 tips for packing in a carryon

pom pom scarf // loafers // grey sweater // white dress // grey pajama jumpsuit // beach hat


  1. Make a packing list.
  2. Roll, don’t fold.
  3. Bring one jacket.
  4. Pack versatile shoes.
  5. Pack dual purpose items.
  6. Wear your bulkiest items on the plane.
  7. Don’t pack uneccessary items.

san clemente vacation

Now to the fun part – my San Clemente favorites! This was my first time to SoCal and was blown away at how beautiful it is and especially the little town of San Clemente. The buildings are white, there are cacti and succulents everywhere, the beach is beautiful, and the weather is absolutely perfect. I could talk about this city for forever, but thought I’d just share some of the best things we did while we were there.

  • Best Brunch Spot: Ellie’s Table @ North Beach, “Where Happiness is Homemade…” and they’re not kidding. Every morning when we woke up we put on our work out clothes, walked about a mile down the beach, and had a long brunch at Ellie’s. Oh Em Gee, y’all. From their massive cinnamon rolls to homemade pastries to breakfast burritos, it’s almost impossible to choose. It’s all so good and their honey lavender latte is to die for!
  • Best Sunset View & Great Seafood: Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar – Y’all, this place is so good and the view cannot be beat. It’s right on the pier and so you get a front row seat to watch the evening surfers against the beautiful sunset. They don’t take reservations so I recommend getting there a little before sunset to snag a table!
  • Best Bowls: Active Culture – Calling all my health nuts, this pick is for you! Whether you’re getting a hearty bowl or an acai bowl, this place it a must stop. Everything is so fresh and it has a wide array of options. We went there twice if that tells you anything…
  • Cutest Home Decor Boutique: Melrose in the OC Lifestyle – I can’t even begin to tell you the cuteness of this shop. They have the most precious pottery, succulents, chairs, jewelry, hats, you name it. It is fairly new and a must see when you’re there!
  • Wine Flights & Coffee: The Cellar – this wine bar has fun wine and champagne flights, amazing cappuccinos, and great cheese trays. They have a sweet little outdoor patio area, too, where you can rest your feet, enjoy a drink, and people watch. I highly recommend this place!

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