7 Hair Styling Staples

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photography: sukilynn

Good morning & happy Friday, loves! Lately I have had a lot of you reach out to me asking about what hair products I use and how I style my hair. I am working on putting together some hair tutorials (is this something y’all would like?), but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you my must-have hair products – you know, the ones I use every day!

Learning how to style my hair has definitely been an ongoing process. If I were to let my hair air dry, it would be flat and bodiless; not to mention, I have two cowlicks that make styling my hair just a bit more challenging. Anyway, I have to give almost all the credit to Whitney Haynes of FORM Salon for any knowledge I may have around which products to use and how to style my hair.

Whitney is the co-owner of FORM Salon and has been cutting and styling my hair for almost 10 straight years! She is always 100% honest with me as to which products will work the best for my hair and she when I’m not feeling like spending a million bucks on a product she’ll recommend the best “over-the-counter” option for me.

styling staples, dallas blogger, hair styling tools, fleurdille

1 l’oreal hairspray | 2 teasing comb | 3 davines texturizing┬ádust | 4 oribe dry texturizing spray | 5 conair mini straightener | 6 conair curling iron | 7 conair blow dryer

  1. l’oreal hairspray: if we’re being truthful, I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without putting hairspray in my hair; even if I’m pulling my hair back, I still give it a little spritz. Because my husband and I share hairspray, we go through it┬áfast, which means I don’t really want to be spending a ton on my hairspray if I’m buying a new bottle every month. So, I asked my hair stylist if she would recommend a hairspray that was on the cheaper side and this is the one she recommended – it’s a strong hold, but doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or sticky; you can still easily run your hands through your hair, but at the same time it will hold all day long. My kind of hairspray. Do make sure you buy the┬áunscented┬á one though because if you don’t, you’ll smell like a grandma. ­čśë
  2. cricket silkomb teasing comb: just like I rarely go a day without using hairspray, I rarely go a day without teasing my hair. I don’t have very thick hair or good body naturally, so I always use a teasing comb for a little added volume on top. I especially like this one because of the metal tip on the end that you can use to separate your hair or to pull it up for added volume when you’re doing an updo.
  3. davines texturizing┬ádust: this is a product I’ve recently added into my regimen and it’s uhhhhh-mazing! After I’ve curled and styled my hair, I use this for added volume on top (this could be used in place of teasing your hair). All you do is lift up a tiny section of your hair, sprinkle a little dust in, and you’re good to go! It gives you volume that will last all day and although the powder is white, it goes on colorless.
  4. oribe dry texturizing spray: this is another great product to use for added volume – can you tell I like volume? I guess I’m a true Texan. Anyway, I use this product for 3 different things. 1) I use it like the dust and spray near the root of my hair for volume. 2) I lean my head to the side and spray up into my hair to separate the layers a bit and give more overall volume. 3) I use this like dry shampoo on my second and third day after washing my hair to get rid of the greasy look and to give it a little added texture to be able to work with it better.
  5. conair mini ceramic straightener: ah, the mini straightener! My mom gave me this a year or so ago and I’m obsessed. I never straighten my whole head, but do have to straighten the little baby hairs that shape my face because they get wavy. This mini straightener is perfect for straightening just a couple pieces and it doesn’t get too hot, so you’re not singing your baby hairs.
  6. conair 1″ curling iron: I have several different curling iron sizes that I use, but this is the one I have been using lately to get a more destructed curl look.
  7. conair blow dryer: I know I need to invest in a nice blow dryer, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on it. So, instead my friend introduced me to this conair infiniti blow dryer that is lightweight AND has a very forceful blow.


note**┬áI also use a texturizing cream from Bumble & Bumble that I’ve had for years, but it’s currently discontinued; I use it to separate the ends of my hair after I’ve styled it…does anyone have a recommendation for a styling/texturizing cream they like? I’d love to hear your recommendation because I’m in the market for a new cream!

xx – anna