When in keens…


How easy is it to get caught up in your own agenda for your little one and forget to live in the moment and be flexible? So. Easy. By nature, I am a planner and a people pleaser (I’m not saying these are positive traits…), and I continuously find myself trying to do it all – be a working mom, a present wife, a good friend, all the while trying to give Emma Grace all the experiences she can possibly have. Yesterday was one of those days that God kindly showed me my true colors and gave me the opportunity to regroup and just enjoy my time with EG.

I had big plans for the day – I was going to attend an 8 hour continuing education meeting, then rush home, change Emma into a Halloween costume to attend a Halloween party with her friends, run an errand for junior league on the way home, and then call it a night. However, plans changed and I got home later than I wanted causing us to miss the party. So, still trying to stay true to my go-go-go mindset, I thought I would put Emma into something cute and take some pics of her in the park. Emma had other plans. She only wanted to wear her Keens – the ones we wear every day that are definitely not as cute as her new fall slippers. It’s funny that this is what opened my eyes, but it made me realize that sometimes it’s not about what your little one is wearing, where you’re going, or how many plans you have lined up. It’s about loving your little one and enjoying every second you have with him or her. So, EG and I put on our work out clothes, headed outside, met some new friends in the neighborhood, and played with some “big kids” at the park. I did snap a couple photos of her (hey, I already had my camera with me), and thought I’d include them since they reflected the lesson of my day.


old navy tunic ($10) | walmart leggings (less than $4!!) | keens

xo – anna & emma grace