2017 New Year Resolution

oversized pink sweater

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope you all had a blast ringing in the new year and are happily relaxing today! We got to celebrate with good friends in San Antonio which consisted of staying in and setting off fire works and playing games in our PJs. It was amazing!

Okay, so how many of you are setting resolutions for 2017? Do you set just one or multiple? In years past I used to set one resolution/goal for each category in my life – physical, mental, spiritual, etc. However, this year I’ve decided to go with an overarching theme for the new year: generosity.

I used to think that in order to be generous, I needed to have a lot of money. However, during the last couple of months the Lord has been showing me that I can be generous in a multitude of ways. Whether I’m inviting our neighbors’ kids over for dinner, helping an old lady carry groceries to her car, etc., I can love others the way God would love them in all that I do.

I find that for me it’s so easy to think up ideas and ways to be generous, but often hard to actually make time to put my words into action. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in my own life. It wasn’t until this past Christmas Eve service that I was sitting in church and praying when I felt the Lord telling me “Let’s go, Anna. It’s time to be my hands and feet.” And I am. I’m ready to step out of my little world and make an extra effort to love others, to put others before myself and get out of my comfort zone. So, hold me accountable!!

cross back pink sweater

That being said, I am using 2017 as a year to focus on making every aspect of my life healthier – spending more time meditating, doing yoga, in the Word, and eating healthy. I plan on doing Whole30 starting today with several other bloggers, so please feel free to follow along and/or join me! I’ll be posting every Sunday about my progress (or lack of progress) with Whole30 and how I feel and what I’m eating. If you’ve done Whole30 before, I’d love to hear!!

oversized pink sweateroversized pink sweateroversized pink sweateroversized pink sweater

sweater: dreamers (similar, similarsimilar) | jeans: similar, similar | boots: asos (similar) | purse: similarsimilar, similar | sunnies: karen walker (get yours via ditto.com & get your first month free with code: FLEURDILLE) | necklace: similar

photography: sukilynn

xx – anna