13 affordable, fun date night at home ideas you’ll love

crated with love date night

Hi babes! Sick of your partner yet? Me either surprisingly! Haha. I seem to have lost count of the number of days we’ve been quarantined, but it hasn’t been too bad. It’s actually been surprisingly good for our marriage. At first I thought we might kill each other both working from home and having the girls with us 24/7, but we haven’t!

From the get go we decided to be super intentional about the time we would be spending together. Even with our girls staying up a bit later than normal, we savor evening for time alone.

I first started noticing that we were connecting more about a week in to no sports. Travis is a major sports fan (one of the things I truly love and admire about him), and I didn’t realize how much time was consumed by games or the noise of games being on the background. Once sports were gone we started to look for other things to occupy our time. Of course TV is always an option, but we’re not huge TV people. So, we started to get creative.

The first thing we started doing was puzzles! Y’all, I can’t tell you how much fun we have doing 1,000 piece puzzles. They take forever and provide the perfect opportunity to just talk and drink your favorite wine.

crated with love date nightcrated with love date night

date night ideas:

  1. Date night subscription box – Y’all, we recently got turned onto Crated with Love and are already looking forward to our next box! Crated with Love is a date night subscription services specifically designed to get couples talking, laughing, and interacting. Each box is themed and comes with 4-6 games and activities that are built on techniques and strategies to help build a stronger relationship. Each box has all the materials you need, too. We loved are Australian themed date night box and are so pumped for our next one – the Retro box! Check it out here.
  2. Game night – when is the last time you had an adults-only game night? It’s actually surprisingly fun! We’ve been playing cards, but also some of the girls’ games like Sorry and Trouble. It’s a fun blast from the past and always seems to make us laugh.
  3. Dinner Al Fresco – cooking together is always fun, but why not elevate your experience and eat outside? Set up a table or spot on your back porch and eat together as the sun sets.
  4. fireside date – fireside date nights have been our favorite during quarantine. We pour a glass of our favorite wine and just sit around talking. Occasionally we may sneak a s’more from the girl’s snack cabinet. If you don’t have a fire pit in your backyard, I recommend this one.
  5. Movie night – go all out! candy, seats, etc. – watching movies indoors can feel mundane at times. Elevate your movie night to make it feel like a real date. Make popcorn and eat them in fun bowls, order boxed candy like you’d find at the movie theater, and sit in your coziest chairs.
  6. Spa night – who doesn’t love a massage? I am a major sucker for foot massages, so one of my favorite date night ideas is spa night. Find a really nice smelling lotion and take turns rubbing each others feet, hands, and shoulders. It’s so relaxing!
  7. Puzzles – working a puzzle together is a great landscape for conversation. Find a puzzle that’s challenging so you have to work together, put on your favorite music in the background and let the conversation flow!
  8. Go retro – how many of you still have your old nintendo games? Go retro and bust out some of the games we used to play when we were little – frogger, tetris, nintendo, play station, etc.
  9. Karaoke – this is a sure fire way to make you laugh. Grab a karaoke machine for your home and sing your favorite tunes!
  10. Wine sampler – it’s no surprise we’re big wine-o’s at our house and if you are too, making a wine sampler is super fun. Pick a region to focus on like France and purchase several different types of wines from that region to sample together. You could even do a blind taste test!
  11. Movie night outside – now is the perfect time to watch a movie outside – the weather is so nice! We’ve been debating getting a TV like this one for our back deck or this projector and projector screen.
  12. Fondue – if you’re like us, you probably get into the same ole dinner rut. Change things up by making fondue together. Get your favorite fruits – we love strawberries and pineapple – and dip them in some delicious chocolate!
  13. Breakfast in bed – what is it about having breakfast for dinner that’s so exciting? I remember loving eating breakfast for dinner when I was little. Change up your dinner plans and cook your favorite breakfast and then break all the rules and eat dinner in bed!

If you need to spice things up even more, try alternating who is in charge of planning date night for an element of surprise. Have your husband plan it one night and you plan the next!

crated with love date nightcrated with love date nightcrated with love date nightcrated with love date nightcrated with love date night