12 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

ivory midi dress

Happy Thursday, friends!!! I hope you’re all gearing up for an amazing weekend!! For me, today kicks off the first day of the rewardStyle conference here in Dallas and I couldn’t be more excited. I am so pumped to meet other bloggers, be challenged and inspired by those around me, and to get you all even more excited for what’s to come with Fleurdille! If you’re curious as to what a blogger conference might look like, please feel free to follow along on my instastories on instagram!

Let’s talk about today’s post though! It’s so fun for so many reasons! Outfit-wise, I’m wearing this uber comfy Anthropologie midi dress that’s just perfect for Spring weather. I love the slits on the side and the fringe hem, too, that give it some fun movement when you walk. I kept it simple though, and stayed with neutral tones by pairing it with the “it” bag of the season. Y’all, if you haven’t grabbed one of these bags yet, now is the time! This specific bag has already sold out twice and is selling out again fast!

ivory fringe midi dress

Earlier this week my sweet blogger friend, Jessica Sheppard, challenged me to share 12 facts with you all that you may not know. I have accepted the challenge and you can read my facts below. You can also check out Jessica’s adorable blog and her 12 facts here. Finally, I’d love to know some fun facts about you, so please feel free to share your interesting fact in the comments at the bottom of this post!

12 facts about me:

  1. My nickname is Nina. – It’s a super long story that wouldn’t make sense unless you knew the personality of my dog, Mia, but yes, my nickname to most of my close friends from college is Nina.
  2. I had braces as an adult. – This one is embarrassing. When I graduated college my teeth had shifted quite a bit so I had to get braces for a second time. So fun.
  3. I am uterus-less. – Yep, it’s true! I had a partial hysterectomy this past fall because of my endometriosis, so now I’m uterus-less.
  4. I sleep in socks. – My hubby finds this fact weird, but the sad truth is I sleep significantly better when I have socks on!
  5. I’ve run 3 half marathons. – I haven’t run one since Abigail, but I’m itching to train for another one!
  6. I don’t have any cavities. – I know as I write this that I’m jinxing myself and the next time I go see my dentist I’ll probably have 3, but it’s true. As of today, I don’t have any cavities and I haven’t had any since I had baby teeth. Kinda crazy!
  7. I have 20-20 vision. – I feel like this is odd at my age and the only thing odder is that my husband also has 20-20 vision.
  8. I’ve had 6 surgeries. – Yes, I’ve had 6 surgeries to date (bluh). Two on my left ankle, 3 laproscopic surgeries for endometriosis, and one partial hysterectomy.
  9. I have a tattoo. – I have a white tattoo on my right foot of a fleur-de-lis (that’s right). White tattoos are only supposed to last about 3 years and while I got mine in college, you can still see it!
  10. I’ve never been snow skiing. – crazy I know! I have never been snow skiing, but it’s on my to-do list for the near future!
  11. I have misophonia. – my hubby would be rolling his eyes if he read this one. Misophonia is the strong reaction that’s brought on by or triggered by a certain sound, which for me is chewing. Listening to someone chew is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I am fine to listen to someone chew if there’s other noise going on or if I’m eating, too, but the second a room is silent and there’s only one other person eating I can’t handle it. The earliest I remember feeling this way is in college and my hubby always jokes about it, but it’s a real thing! Haha.
  12. I almost went to the same high school as my hubby. – I grew up just a couple neighborhoods over from my Travis, and we would have attended the same high school except I moved to Chicago for High School. Crazy!


ivory fringe midi dressivory fringe midi dressivory fringe midi dresstan ark bag

dress: anthropologie | shoes: similar, similar | bag: cult gaia (selling out fast!!) | sunnies: karen walker | earrings: flea style c/o

photography: fort lion studio