10 Must Have Baby & Toddler Beach Products

baby and toddler beach products

1. beach chair w/ umbrella 2. beach tent 3. beachwear travel bag 4. go pod 5. beach cart 6. pampers splashers 7. klean kanteen 8. beach bonnet 9. beach wagon 10. beach toy set

Happy Tuesday, loves!! I hope y’all’s week is off to a great start! Today marks our second full day in Gulf Shores with my husband’s entire extended family. We rented a house on the beach (Hangin10), and have enjoyed every second of it so far!

I think my favorite part about being on the beach is watching my girls experience things for the first time like feeling the sand, catching hermit crabs, and building sand castles. Funny how our priorities and interests shift when we become parents…

With this being our second beach trip with babies, we’ve created a list of “must have” items that make being at the beach with littles more fun and easier. I’ve linked them all above and given a brief description of why we like them below. Let me know if you have any “must have” beach products that I’ve missed and could add to our list!


  1. Beach Chair w/ Umbrella – we used this chair camping and have loved it on the beach, too. The umbrella provides good sun protection and the cup holder is essential.
  2. Beach Tent – this is a necessity if you have a little that isn’t walking yet. It provides extra sun protection, a layer between the sand, and a great place for your baby to nap.
  3. Beachwear Travel Bag – although we are washing most of our clothes while we’re here, we always carry a beachwear travel bag with us in case some of our suits are still wet when we head home.
  4. Go Pod – this is another product we took camping and are using here as well. We have loved that this chair protects Abby’s feet from the hot sand, and still gives her freedom to stand, play, and eat a snack.
  5. Beach Cart – we don’t have one of these, but our good friends took one to the beach last year and we were envious! This is a great way to lug all our towels, snacks, mini coolers, beach toys, etc. down to the beach.
  6. Pampers Splashers – although we have reusable swim diapers, we use these more when we’re at the beach and just change them more frequently. We like these better because they’re easier to deal with if Abby goes #2. Also, Abby’s little legs and waist are so skinny that the reusable ones don’t fit snugly.
  7. Klean Kanteen – we swear by these and Yeti’s because they keep your water/beverage cold for hours even in the hot sun.
  8. Beach Bonnet – this is a must (in addition to sunscreen) for your baby to protect their little hairless head and sweet face from the sun.
  9. Beach Wagon – this is our favorite beach product! We use it to haul everything from our cooler to towels to our girls. The big wheels make it easy to pull on the sand and it’s great to have to save you from making multiple trips.
  10. Beach Toy Set – you can’t go to the beach without beach toys and this set is a great one for making sand castles!

xx – anna, emma grace, & abby